10 Best Shoes For Hairdressers 2022

Best Shoes For Hairdressers

Today there is a great need for quality shoes that can be used in demanding professions such as hairdressing. Being a hairdresser needs to enhance physical and mental skills that can only be achieved if you follow certain rules and have the right equipment. A hairdresser needs to be agile, swift and accurate in the information given.

The best shoes for hairdressers are those who integrate most of the stability and safety benefits that other types of shoes already have as a standard. This could be harsh for hairdressers that need to be constantly running through the restaurant to serve the customers and have the chance to relax their feet for the over-pressure and exhaustion.

Many shoe manufacturers are claiming to have the shoes that will change once and for all the fatigue stories that most of the waitresses can easily say for their lives. Many of the new series of footwear for hairdressers incorporates special characteristics that make them durable and desirable by more and more persons worldwide.

Shoes have become more durable and a lot more affordable than in the past and each hairdresser could easily have multiple pairs to increase her comfort and level of acceptance by the others. Let’s check what are the innovative solutions that brand shoe companies are proposing to the hairdressers’ public.

Our Top 5 Picks

10 Best Shoes For Hairdressers

1 Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog

Being the most bizarre pair of shoes presented in the category of the most comfortable shoes for hairdressing, the Dansko shoes are well-known for their comfort and durability.

This pair of shoes is easily described as one of the best shoes for hairstylist accumulating all the benefits you need to stand alone on the hair salon.

They have a special dynamic shape that enhances the constant movement from table to table in the hair salon premises. The outsole is equipped with greater lugs that enhance the gripping ability and are also silent enough in order not to disturb the customers.

The insole is softer than all the competition and has a special anti-thermal layer that diffuses inner heat to the environment making it easier to stand in these shoes for longer shifts.

Every hairdresser could benefit from the extra grip the outsole of Dansko is giving to them and of course of the great ease of their use.


  • 100% leather upper ensures long-time comfort and flexibility
  • The synthetic sole gives durability and stability in every step
  • Comes with soft foam midsole along with comfortable leather footbed
  • Features PU inner frame for minimizing torque and providing stability
  • Provides lateral stability, outsole delivers shock absorption with flexibility


  • Size may vary
  • Way to big

2 Salomon Men’s Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe

A newcomer in the shoe industry, the Salomon, has created lost of discussions when it presented the last series of working shoes specially addressed to the hairdressers. Voted as the Best Shoes for Hairdressers they incorporate all the benefits that a constantly moving person would like to enjoy from his footwear.

They are softer than any other competitor winning in the field of comfort and style. They come in various sizes and colours, to match any individual need and taste.

The outsole is made of special rubber material, that shows stiffness and durability while being flexible to enhance the overall mobility of the user. The insole keeps on being replaceable to improve the hygiene and assist in the thermal decompression of the feet.

Not to mention that the insole can easily absorb all the pressure coming from the floor during the excessive hours of standing to perform the hairdressers business.


  • Made of 100% synthetic upper with durable synthetic sole
  • It is a trail-ready running shoe which is great for hairdresser
  • Comes with water-resistant as well as the anti-debris mesh upper
  • Provide amazing protection by a protective rubber toe cap
  • Features ortholite insole, dual-density EVA midsole, and non-marking rubber outsole


  • Price rate is so high
  • Minimal color option

3 Birkenstock Women’s Florida Leather Sandal

One of the most fashionable shoes that Birkenstock has ever presented to the public. Being one of the best shoes for hairstylists the Florida Leather Sandal shoes incorporate all the technologies to make people who work as hairdressers to forget about their painful experiences while walking or standing.

The forefoot area is completely redesigned to make more room for the user’s fingers and improve stability while walking. The redesigned heel support system has enough cushioning and springs to support the extra pressure coming from the road. Finally, the foam materials of the upper mesh and midsole add on the comfortability and easiness of use for these particular pair of shoes.

People that are always on the standing position like the hairdressers should absolutely try these on.


  • 100% synthetic shoe with a durable and stable synthetic sole
  • Heel is measured approximately 0.5 inch which is good for hairdresser
  • Feature contoured cork outsole for more secure and stable movement
  • Having slide straps with buckle closures and suede-covered footbed
  • Features lightweight and shock-absorbing EVA outsole


  • Not for regular use
  • Too much expensive

4 Skechers For Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On

This perfect and imaginary pair of shoes is finally a reality for all of us and belongs to the Sketchers company. The Mcallen series are meant to become the best shoes for hairdressers that is one of the toughest professions a woman could ever pursue.

These series are specially designed to meet men expectations while walking and standing. They are aiming in the enhancement of performance using the special lugs of the outsole. The aerodynamic shape of the shoes plays also an important role in the energy required to perform quick walking, which in that case is reduced for the Mcallen series users.

Not to mention that the extremely cushioned insole gives more support to the heel and footbed areas where the pain is accumulated during the hairdressing procedures.


  • Slip-on work shoe made of soft and comfortable mesh fabric upper
  • Slip-resistant traction outsole keeps you safe in slippery conditions
  • Padded collar and memory foam insole ensure maximum cushioning
  • Offers medium width with a roomier toe box for flexible movement
  • The soft fabric lining makes the shoe comfy and usable for a long time


  • Not for painful foot
  • May face sizing problem

5 Easy Spirit Women’s Faisal2 Sneaker

The Easy Spirit brand name is among the most reputable in the market of special running shoes for persons suffering from feet problems while working like hairdressers for instance. Considered as the best shoes for a cosmetologist to wear, Easy Spirit shoes are adequate for walking and running and can be the best companion to everyday activities.

The outsole is their prime advantage that is made out of special lugs that attach firmly to the ground and create extra friction, especially in slippery roads. The insole gives an essence of comfort and relief from the pain related by sciatica, taking the shape of the feet.

To meet the requirements for constant standing these shoes are giving the hairdresser extra room for the forefoot area that offers increased mobility to the toe fingers which in return are providing a more stable posture.


  • Material is a combination of 100% textile and synthetic
  • Features rubber sole for proper step on and secured movement
  • Features flexible outsole to provide easy and supportive walk on
  • Cushioned insole delivers optimal comfort while working
  • Great shoe with amazing quality with a budget-friendly cost


  • May run large
  • Narrow in front and wide in back

6 Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Faxon Low Sneaker

The Polo Ralph Lauren company has made its appearance on the world market with these men athletic shoes that can make the difference in the way you can eliminate painful syndromes related to hairdressing. These shoes can even take the title of the best shoes for hairdressers since they can easily support dual-use.

Their higher quality insole makes it easier to walk since your feet will not accept the same pressure levels as previously. The tongue and upper mesh are breathable and can facilitate the airflow through the shoes giving better heat control and hygiene of the feet.

Finally, the shoes are adequate for long term use offering more support to the heel area where most of the pain is triggered during the hairdressing sessions.


  • The elements are a combination of 96% canvas and 4% polyurethane
  • Lace-up sneaker features synthetic sole for adaptive support
  • Comes with metal eyelets and embroidered logo at the side panel
  • Build with a beautiful and sleek canvas upper for optimal comfort
  • The shoes follow a classic retro shape


  • Too thin sole
  • There is a problem in laces

7 Saucony Originals Women’s Jazz Low Pro Sneaker

Finally, these perfectly designed work shift shoes make up for the most successful shoes that are identified as a pain management solution for people working as hairdressers. They are considered to be among the comfortable shoes for hairdressers since they integrate all the great features that modern technology can possibly give to shoes that are ambitious enough to enter this club.

The outsole gives more than adequate grip and the external textile that covers the shoe makes it waterproof so that you can train in watery terrains. The heel area has more cushioning than ever before thus enhancing the running posture for most people that constantly walk or stand in hair salons.

Finally, these Saucony shoes are stylish enough for a hairdresser to appear in front of his public. The outer layer of the shoes is made of luxurious leather to keep all the eyes on you and attract more customers to your hair salon.


  • They offer a wide range of user-friendly features
  • Build with developed engineered systems to maximize performance
  • Allows you to focus on your activity rather than the position of your shoes
  • Designed with advanced grid technology and first sole-based stability
  • Provides an advantage to all types of energetic and frequent movement


  • Arch support is not adequate
  • Sizing may vary

8 Tommy Hilfiger Men’s REDD2 Shoe

This innovative type of shoes are the most adequate ones for the hairdressing profession. Being some of the non-slip hairdresser shoes of choice, they can be found virtually anywhere in the world and make the life of hairdressers less painful.

Their inner shaft is made of special material that improves breathability. The insole has a special anti-bacterial layer which is crucial for the foot hygiene. The outsole remains solid even after several months of intense use and offers increased grip and perfect traction in all possible floor types.

Not to mention that this type of shoes is offering a more stable footbed in order to eliminate the pain associated with the long hours of standing up during the hairstyling procedures. The enhanced cushioning remains the best reason to opt out for these shoes against all others.


  • 100% textile upper offer waterproof uses with durable synthetic sole
  • Great in both brand and fashion
  • Great fit for enhancing cushioning and comfort
  • Made with soft and breathable upper material
  • Insole has an adequate and adaptive anti-bacterial layer


  • Way to run large
  • Not so comfortable for long time use

9 Alegria Joleen Women’s Professional Shoe Limited Edition

The Alegria shoes are well known for their premium quality and their features that pose them high in the list of the best shoes for hairdressers that is a profession with lots of walking and standing causing real painful syndromes.

Their shape is unique among competition offering extra style and comfort for any user and any type of use either walking, running or training. The upper mesh and tongue give extra support to the foot arch and the lacing system ensures the proper adjustment and fit of the shoes.

Finally, these shoes are offering adequate protection to the ankle and foot arch areas where most pain syndromes appear during the hairdressing styling sessions. The strap is embracing the foot curve and enhances the natural anatomy of the feet to relieve from all possible pains.


  • Offers a secure fit with an adjustable hook-and-loop strap
  • Leather upper and lining deliver great mobility
  • Features soft and amazing suede leather insole
  • Slip-resistant and career casual outsole keep you safe
  • Designed to get proper support and brings happiness in work


  • Not so durable
  • Not slip-resistant at all

10 Aerosoles Women’s Drive Through Slip-On Loafer

The Aerosoles Women pair of shoes have the traditional Italian character which gives them extra points in style and fashion among the competition.  Being one of the best shoes for hairdressers, this particular pair of shoes has a smart lacing system to keep the anatomical parts of the feet closer than ever before.

The upper mesh and tongue increase the breathability and reduce the total weight of the shoe since they are made out of special lightweight materials. The insole offers great support to the heel area that helps waitresses standing all day with no painful syndromes.

The outsole is durable enough to undergo miles of constant walking and standing while providing more traction and grip than ever before.


  • 100% fabric is used to build this durable shoe
  • Synthetic sole offers durability and flat driving movement
  • Help to get lifting in the heel to work with more support
  • Features high-density foam insole and flexible forepart
  • Offer great comfort with a soft and cushioning memory foam footbed


  • Not very much supportive
  • Not for long shifts

Before You Buy

Criteria To Choose The Best Shoes for Hairdressers

When you are on collecting the best shoes for hairdresser, some features come on first. These features are helpful to get the best shoes for the barber. If you are aware of these features, we can ensure that you will get the right pair of shoes.


When it is a matter of shoes for hairdresser the upper of the shoe takes more important. Because there are lots of dirty throws and objects on the ground of a barbershop. Therefore, the upper of the shoe should be capable of handling these dirty tasks. Synthetic upper is most preferable for hairdresser shoes. It is durable and can be washed at any time. A leather shoe is also used for this type of shoe. It is breathable and soft for any harsh movement.


The cut means how high your shoe is. Most people refer higher cut as it can save your foot from dust and dirt. It can prevent water as well as dirt objects from getting you dirty. Such type of shoe gives extra protection while barber work is related to wet and dirty jobs. But high cut shoe minimizes breathability where the low cut shoe is good in air-circulation. But low cut shoes cannot protect you from water.


The next consideration is the outsole of the shoe. Most of the time a hairdresser passes a busy time with his customers. So, his shoe should be more supportive. The outsole is the portion of a shoe that provides the support. A durable and firm outsole is important for the best shoes for hairdresser. Rubber outsole or synthetic outsole is preferable. You can choose your own. But make sure that it is supportive enough for your work.


Toe is the part of a shoe where most of the wearer face the problem. Because someone has a wide toe and someone has a narrow toe. If the toe box isn’t suited property, it will suffer you a lot. That’s why the toe box should be proper in the room. It delivers you the right amount of comfort to use the shoe. Therefore, pick a shoe with proper toe box.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques 1. What are the best shoes for standing all day?

Ans:  Basically, standing all day long needs more strength and energy. It does not depend on only the footwear you wear. But some footwear allows you to stay comfortable all day. Some of the shoes are: Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Clog, Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker, Grasshoppers Women’s Windham Slip-On, Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2, Skechers BOBS Women’s Bobs, New Balance Men’s MW577, Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic, etc. You can find them comfortable for standing.

Ques 2. What are the best shoes for barbers?

Ans: For barbers, there are some different types of shoes. Their shoes should be lightweight, comfortable and supportive enough. The best shoes for barbers can be Nike Sock Dart, Asics Gel Lyte III, Brandblack Jet Casual Shoes, New Balance 998, Adidas Xeno Flux, Filling Pieces Mid Top Sneaker, etc. They are on the top list of the market.

Ques 3. What are the most comfortable hairdresser’s shoes?

Ans: The most comfortable hairdresser shoes are Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog, Salomon Men’s Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe, Birkenstock Women’s Florida Leather Sandal, Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On, Easy Spirit Women’s Faisal2 Sneaker, etc. You can get their total review in our article.

Awesome List of 10 Best Shoes for Hairstylist


As you can possibly check all the best shoes for hairdressers are sharing common features that can provide you with more comfortable everyday use no matter how long you stand up during hair styling sessions.

There is a necessity to purchase shoes that are always adequate for your personal needs and tastes while performing hairdressing. The job in the hair salons can be pretty demanding and most of your customers want to see you wearing the most fashionable shoes. In this way, your hair styling shoes should be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

The issue of the footbed support is of crucial importance especially for persons that are facing feet deformities and chronic pain syndromes associated with the standing posture. You have to take care of yourself while working and this is imperative for the hairdressing profession as well.

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