15 Best Work Boots for Flat Feet In 2019

Best Work Boots for Flat Feet

One of the most usual feet deformities that you can observe in people is the flat feet. It consists of the destruction of the foot curve that happens when you walk without shoes in early childhood or it is sometimes genetically induced.

Finding the best work boots for flat feet may be a challenging issue for most of the people that work in construction or other outdoors professions and need proper attention in their feet. The usual boots that they were forced to wear are not supportive enough for their foot curve inexistence and can actually worsen the situation.

The majority of brand shoes manufacturers are constantly trying to present new and improved technology boots that adequately cover the needs of people suffering from flat feet problems. The special design of these shoes is following the anatomy of the foot and supports the foot arch in a healthy way to improve the gait and the standing posture as well.

This is the time when you change to healthier boots for your workday and start doing something for your flat feet care which can be extremely painful with ordinary shoes. Let’s see what the latest trends in boots for flat feet are, that big brand names are proudly presenting.

15 Best Work Boots for Flat Feet

1 Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

Things We Like:

  • The steel-toe work boot in rugged leather featuring plush collar and tongue with logos is unique among the competition.
  • The hex-shape grommets with speed lacing at the shaft are creating a grip that you have never seen before.
  • There is an oil-resistant traction outsole that can give you traction in the most slippery surfaces.
  • Nubuck leather or pull up leather nylon mesh lining that provides added breathability and comfort for the inner part of the shoe.

Caterpillar has been the world leader for construction boots for more than a century. It has great experience in crafting boots that support the foot and ankle and has the title for the best work shoes for flat feet which is a usual deformity for millions of people around the world.

The steel top work boot provided by Caterpillar is stylish and comes in the natural brown colour that is matched with mud terrains where construction business usually happens. It has extra forefoot protection with the steel toe protecting the fingers and extra heel cushioning for increased comfort while working.

2 KEEN Utility Women's Detroit Mid Steel Toe Work...

Things We Like:

  • Hiking-inspired fit with extra heel cushioning and support that can make you walk more comfortably while wearing these boots.
  • Asymmetrical steel toes made to protect both the right and left feet toe fingers from accidents and give extra room to enhance agility.
  • The KEEN dry protection is a special layer of fabric in the insole that absorbs the sweat and heat and imposes new healthy rules and enhanced hygiene to the user.
  • The higher level of the forefoot is specially designed to be a safeguard on mild impacts enhancing the safety of the user.

The KEEN work boots have set the trends of the market in the last decade. They are durable boots that are addressed primarily for women working outdoors and seek extra protection for their feet or want to improve their gate when suffering from flat feet problems.

The best work boots for flat feet are alike to the KEEN latest series, which are high-quality boots available to the large audience of women in construction. The boots are creating large rooms for the feet and toe finger so that comfort is improved while working.

They are also water resistant and can keep the feet clean and healthy for longer periods of time while being at work.

3 Thorogood Men's American Heritage 6" Moc Toe,...

Things We Like:

  • The polyurethane MAXwear Wedge sole is unique among the competition.
  • Existence of a variety of colours like Tobacco Oil-Tanned 814-4200, Trail Crazyhorse 814-4203, Black Walnut (Black Sole) 814-4266, Black Walnut 814-4216, Black 814-6201, full-grain leather that is durable and stylish.
  • The removable Ultimate Shock Absorption Footbed on Poron comfort cushion insole gives an impression of extra comfort and hygiene.
  • The fibreglass shank gives extra safety to the user.

The American Heritage boots are really a state of the art working boots series that incorporates all modern technologies that enhance the comfort at work for people suffering from foot deformities like flat feet.

Taking part in the competition for the best boots for flat feet, the American Heritage is the original boots made in the USA that cover all the needs a man can have from his feet while in the construction business.

The shaft and tongue are holding steadily the ankle and heel using a special lacing system that is solid and well designed. The outsole is strong and durable and capable of preventing accidents that happen at work.

4 Timberland Women's 6" Premium Boot

Things We Like:

  • Great availability in sizes and colours. The prices are affordable as well.
  • The classic leather boot featuring a lace-up front and heavily-padded collar are great Timberland innovations.
  • There is a logo embossed at side heel which attracts all the attention.
  • The extra lugged outsole for traction is unique for its construction among competitors.

Timberland has always been the most fashionable manufacturer of work boots worldwide. It can proudly carry the title of the best work boots for flat feet since it is tested under the most adverse condition on people who are working hard in outdoor workplaces and suffer from feet deformities.

Styles and colours are unique and everyone can find the one that matches his individual needs and tastes. The insole remains supportive to the feet curve and the heel is adequately held in place no matter how big the pressure can become. The outsole is rigid and flexible at the same time to provide strength and durability.

5 Wolverine Men's W04821 Buccaneer Work Boot

Things We Like:

  • Made from quality leather that gives extra style to the user.
  • All particular parts are imported and contribute to the overall quality.
  • Extra resistant rubber sole made of great materials to enhance endurance.
  • The slip-resistant ability of the shoe is unique and undeniable.

The Wolverine has created a solid boots series that are capable to give comfort even in people with flat feet. They rank high in the category of the best waterproof work boots since they have an extra impermeable layer in the top that prevents rain and environment water to come into the shoe.

The leather is of high quality and has many colours so that you can choose the one that fits better to your personality. The outsole has extra lugs to provide extra grip to slippery surfaces and be supportive to handle the body weight of the user.

6 Original S.W.A.T. Women's 115211 Work Boot

Things We Like:

  • Polishable heel and toe are especially useful for armed forces.
  • There is an AEGIS anti-microbial protection in the insole enhancing the hygiene.
  • The YKK side zipper for easy on and off at any given time.
  • There is also a rustproof brass hardware guarantee for all parts of the boots which is crucial for the longevity of the boot as well as the safety of the user.

Primarily made for women that are joining the S.W.A.T units that are the top of the special forces and need extreme protection and agility provided by their boots. These boots may also be the best work boots for flat feet since they provide enough room for the forefoot and the foot arch to prevent painful reactions.

The combination of quality fabric and real leather makes the boots really strong and water resistant at any given condition. The lacing of the boots is remarkable and can hold firmly together with the ankle and the foot curve, to give extra stability and comfort to the user.

7 Smith & Wesson Men's Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip...

Things We Like:

  • The SMITH & WESSON® FOOTWEAR is known for outstanding quality and attention to fine detail. The boot’s manufacturing is unique and has outstanding industry experience.
  • It is tough. The combination of leather and nylon construction is there to provide full protection without compromising on comfort. A gusseted tongue keeps dirt and debris out.
  • The boots can be comfortable all day. The EVA Midsole gives lightweight comfort and cradled support. The board-lasted construction creates a torsional rigidity that reduces foot fatigue during long work shifts.

The world-famous gun producer has finally made the big entrance into the field of work boots and can be easily considered for the top ten of work boots with arch support. The boots are adequate for people with flat feet as well as for normal feet since they have enough rooms for every anatomical structure.

The slip resistance is another great feature. The rubber outsole is engineered to minimize traction loss with an innovative pattern that grips dirt, waxed surfaces, fences and ladders, and anything the urban jungle can throw at you. Safety is the top concern.

8 Georgia Boot Women's Romeo GR362 Work Boot

Things We Like:

  • 100% Leather layers that can give water resistance to the boots.
  • The imported parts are of high-quality.
  • The rubber sole is unique in durability and agility.
  • The full-grain leather good year welt construction is unique among the competition.
  • There is a high-performance lining steel shank that can enhance the safety of the user.

An elegant boot that can be used as a construction shoe for most cases. It can be considered as one of the best work boots for flat feet especially for women that are working in law enforcement or construction and suffer from heel pain.

The genuine leather used adds on to the waterproof resistance of the boot. The insole is specially designed to hold steady the foot arch and support the weight of the user for minimal disturbance during walking or running.

9 Carhartt Men's CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

Things We Like:

  • The Rugged Flex - Carhartt's unique Rugged Flex technology moves and stretches the parts of the boot to give extra agility and flexibility.
  • Outer leather and full grain leather offer water resistance and ensure safe and protected ankles on and off the job site. Really important for outdoor activities.
  • The boots are oil resistant, slip resistant and chemical resistant. You can practically step on every possible surface with extra safety.
  • The cement constructed Carhartt Rugged Flex outsole makes for a durable long-lasting men's boot, great as work or casual wear. You can never go wrong with these boots.

The Carhartt company creates quality boots that can serve the armed forces for many years and can be also used for construction business especially with people with flat feet. The best arch support work boots award could be easily given to this pair of boots since they have large spaces to give extra air to all the anatomical structures of the feet.

The forefoot finger toes area is specifically designed against mild impacts and accidents. The upper mesh and tongue are extra breathable to make air ventilation satisfactory in the feet area. The insole has an absorbent textile layer that can give better heat control and enhanced hygiene to the user.

10 Irish Setter Women's 83200 Two Harbors 6" Steel...

Things We Like:

  • The steel toe is a lifesaver for the toe fingers.
  • The waterproof abilities of the boots make it impossible for external water to pass.
  • High-tech insole system that supports the heel and follows the anatomy of the foot arch.
  • Affordable price for all budgets.

These special boots that originate for women use are among the best work shoes for flat feet available in the online market right now. The leather construction gives a solid appearance with great waterproof abilities.

The lacing system attaches firmly to the upper shaft and gives extra safety to the user while walking or running in the worksite. The outsole keeps on being durable and agile enough to add on to the mobility and comfort of the user.

11 KEEN Utility Men's Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe

Things We Like:

  • There is a left and right asymmetrical Steel Toes system that enhances safety.
  • The Nubuck Waterproof Leather Upper make the boots water resistant.
  • The Dual Density Compression Molded EVA Midsole provides extra comfort to the user.
  • There is a contoured Heel Lock which supports the heel and prevents sock absorbance from the rough terrains.
  • Finally, the CleanSport NXT(TM) gives Natural Odor Protection and improves hygiene.

The most capable KEEN shoes to make up to the list of the best work boots for flat feet which is a very demanding segment of the work shoes.

The KEEN company has been known for its quality shoes and boots especially the ones that are made for people with feet deformities. Flat feet are demanding extra support and larger areas of movement within the boots. KEEN boots series can successfully adapt to these rules and offer extra quality work shoes to the public.

12 Wolverine Women's Merlin 6 Inch Waterproof Comp...

Things We Like:

  • There is electrical-hazard protection that adds on to the safety of the user.
  • The slip-resistant abilities of the boots are tremendous.
  • The leather layers of the boots are important for their water resistance.
  • They have lots of imported parts that ensure proper quality.
  • Rubber sole is uniquely designed to provide flexibility and stability to the user.

Another great pair of boots from Wolverine company that specializes in work shoes and boots for construction business as well as law enforcement. These female boots are quite fashionable and count as trademarks for the best waterproof work boots competition.

The leather layers are almost impossible to trespass with water from the environment no matter how harsh the weather conditions are. The outsole is rigid and has extra lugs to increase friction and make sure that grip is enhanced in slippery roads.

13 Under Armour Men's Valsetz RTS Military and...

Things We Like:

  • Lightweight, powerful support & incredible feel for maximum comfort.
  • The Synthetic leather & textile upper with welded and the abrasion-resistant film around the perimeter of the foot give extra movement abilities.
  • The existence of a full-length Micro G foam turns cushioned landings into explosive takeoffs and improves the steadiness profile of the boots.
  • There is a lightweight TPU shank for mid-foot support & the right amount of rigidity that is needed for the durability of the boots.
  • The moulded Ortholite sockliner is designed with a memory foam top & PU base and can cooperate with orthotics.

The Under Armour company keeps on presenting top of the art boots that are capable to meet the needs of all people serving in military or law enforcement or simply construction business. Nevertheless, the boots are counting in the first place of best work boots for flat feet since they incorporate all the benefits that a person with feet deformities would like to enjoy.

The upper mesh is closer to the tongue and can adequately cooperate with the unique lacing system to hold steadily the boot attached to the foot. The outsole has enormous grip abilities that are based in the specially designed lugs that can improve friction in virtually all the slippery surfaces.

14 Justin Ladies Gypsy Steel Wtrprf Aged Work Boots

Things We Like:

  • It is made from leather and this is a certain plus for people that love to be fashionable at work.
  • It has genuine aged bark leather uppers with a full interior waterproof bootie and can be worn in harsh conditions.
  • It comes with a J-Flex flexible comfort system cushion insole that maximizes your energy return rate so that you can make more long-distance rides.
  • The boots have a removable orthotic insert that makes it comfortable to wear from people with feet deformities like flat feet.

This pair of boots gives a lot of tradition to the people that want to choose something different for their everyday chores. The Justin Ladies boots are considered as the work boots with arch support that you should purchase if you want to combine style with working abilities.

The traditional leather gives more waterproof abilities to the boots and you can easily approach watery and other rough terrains even during the rainy days. The outsole is rigid enough to provide the essential grip to the user, while the same time retains a level of flexibility to improve the mobility.

15 Rocky Men's Mobilite Six Inch Steel Toe Work Boot

Things We Like:

  • The leather covers all the boot and makes it waterproof.
  • All its parts are imported that is a great quality guarantee.
  • The rubber sole is both flexible and rigid and supports the grip of the user.
  • It is best for work and gives extra confidence.

Finally, the Rocky company has created the dream boots for every construction worker on law enforcement officer. The boots are ideal for the category of the best arch support work boots that is a demanding list for shoemakers around the world.

This pair of boots are made of quality leather that covers all the outer surface and makes water difficult to pass inside. The existence of a specially designed heel system in the insole adds on to the comfort of the user since the heel area is adequately protected by shocks and knocks.

The front foot area is steel toe protected to give extra safety against mild impact at work site. The insole also has a protective anti-microbial layer that enhances the hygiene of the user, especially during long shifts.

Awesome List of 15 Best Flat Feet Work Boots


As you have seen there are a lot of boots to choose from the list of best work boots for flat feet. Make sure you get the ones you can afford and those that give you the most benefits while you are working. The flat feet problem is apparent to many people around the world and brand shoes companies are constantly struggling to give solutions.

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