10 Best Shoes for Hammer Toes 2022


Hammer toes have been traditionally one of the most aggravated health conditions of the lower feet area, giving constant pain and extreme discomfort to people suffering from it. Finding the best shoes for hammer toes is of extreme importance especially when you are working full time and need to walk and stand while in a workplace.

The hammer toes are a progressive forefoot deformity that can change the natural shape of the toe and destroy the ligaments bending them with the metatarsal bones. This is giving acute pain to the person having this health issue and can be worsened by the wrong type of footwear. Many people are in search of the right kind of shoes for hammer toes and need some guidance.

The brand shoe manufacturers have lately presented a variety of choices for people suffering from hammer toes and other related feet deformities. This is the time you reviewed all these proposals and choose the right one for your case.

Our Top 5 Picks

10 Best Shoes for Hammer Toes

1 CLARKS Women’s Sillian Free Clog

The Clarks company has been well known for its quality shoes that make a difference among all the competitors. This series is said to belong to the best shoes for hammertoes and bunions for its special features.

First, it has a wider insole that the average offering more space for the sensitive parts of the feet to move around when walking. The extra cushioning being applied in the heel and foot curve areas absorbs the majority of pressure powers coming from the road. Little shocks and tensions coming from the rough surfaces can be easily eliminated and the pain syndrome is decreased as a result.


  • The heel height of this shoe is 1.35 inches which are perfect for hammer toes
  • Comes with Clarks special Cloudsteppers for amazing comfort
  • Removable OrthoLite footbed helps to get the proper support and stability
  • The cushion soft technology provides long term flexibility of use
  • Offers an ultra-lightweight outsole to make the users free and easy to move with hammer toes


  • They are a way to run small
  • Heel portion may not so comfortable

2 Orthofeet Asheville Brown Men’s Arch Support Slippers

Orthofeet company has been registered as the most specialized brand of shoes producing quality footwear for persons suffering from extreme foot deformities. The particular series are considered to be among the best shoes for hammer toes incorporating all the latest supporting technologies applied to modern pairs of shoes.

The lack of a special heel protection area gives its place to the elastic band upper mesh that can hold steadily the foot arch together with the ankle area for increased safety when walking or running. The insole has an anti-bacterial layer that helps you eliminate the risk of developing fungus infection when wearing them for long hours.

The outer layer is made of quality leather making it waterproof even in the worst raining conditions. Finally, the outsole is flexible and rigid enough to give extensive grip and traction to every possible terrain.


  • Premium orthotic insole comes with extra anatomical arch support along with cushioning heel pad
  • Ortho-Cushion System gives a lightweight sole with air cushioning softens the movement
  • Soft and non-binding upper is designed with extra depth design
  • Wide toe box helps to minimize pressure on bunions as well as hammer toes
  • Seam-free interior lining and padded with foam can remove pressure points to offer superior comfort


  • They run a little bit large
  • Do not help to minimize pronation

3 Spenco Women’s Siesta Slide Mule

Spenco company has been the absolute newcomer in the shoe industry creating innovative shoes that integrate all the modern palliative technology to extreme foot pain syndromes. This special edition is called the best running shoes for hammer toes as it is the only one that is lighter than the average and can be worn from people with foot deformities when performing long-distance races.

The heel and foot curve areas are specially protected from the insole which is equipped with a foamy material to take the particular feet shape and eliminate all movement-related pain. The upper mesh and shaft are lightweight and breathable to enable the greatest air ventilation of the inner shoe ever seen in the category.


  • Features orthotic grade arch support for giving extra care to hammer toes
  • The metatarsal dome is very unique to keep supportive
  • Comes with deep heel cupping which can minimize the pain of your hammer toes
  • Zero-drop heel lift is amazing for helping in lifting various phases
  • Offers proper stability by the compression-molded Eva footbed


  • Not enough high arch supported
  • Sizing may differ from person to person

4 Altra Men’s One V3 Running-Shoes

This is a pair of shoes that has the ambition to enter the catalog of the women’s dress shoes for hammer toes that is a condition which affects most of the intense runners worldwide.

They are introducing polyurethane insert in various parts of the sole for unique comfort and durability. There is a dual-density collar foam that embraces the shoe and gives the ankle and foot extra support.

The mesh tongue is breathable and has a collar with Rollbar support system that is unique in keeping the energy at the disposal of the user on and after every single step.


  • Comes with natural foot positioning system with toe splay
  • The inner is a Flex EVA inner and outsole is Blown rubber Foot Pod outsole
  • Features contour footbed and lightweight Quick-Dry air mesh upper
  • Comes with special natural ride system for running, jumping with foot pain
  • The foot shaped toe box with the Fully Cushioned Zero Drop platform keeps supportive


  • Price is so high to afford
  • Narrow or shallow through instep and arch.

5 New Balance Boys’ 888v1 Running Shoe

These can be among the most successful shoes and score high enough in the list of most reputable shoes for hammer toes. It is a very respectable brand in shoes and can give you enough variety to choose from. They are famous for their ability in running and other action sports. They also give extra space to the swore feet to move and breath.

This pair of shoes comes easily at your place with AMAZON services and can fit any size of feet since there are plenty of sizes that you can choose from. There is also a money-back guarantee that you can get for the first 30 days after the purchase and use it with no further questions.

New Balance with their 100-year history can give you the innovation you need in the insoles and other movable parts of the running shoe. That is why they are in the list for the best running shoes for flat feet and bunions which usually appear together.


  • Shaft of the shoe is measured approximately low-top from arch
  • Design with proper cushioning and energy return technology
  • Offers an adequate amount of comfort for a lightweight ride.
  • Soft anatomical sock liner gives extra arch support with perfect cushioning.
  • For the proper foot and ankle support, there is a motion upper


  • Not so durable for long shifts
  • May run large

6 Dr. Comfort Katy Women’s Therapeutic Extra Depth Athletic Shoe

Another great pair of shoes that is among the most valuable in the list of the best shoes for hammer toes. These shoes can make the difference for your appearance since they are stylish and you will not pay a fortune to purchase them.

In addition, the shoes are offering an 8mm offset cushioning that is among the most competitive on the market. They have a FlexFilm strong and lightweight material to their upper side that allows for fewer layers and lighter profiles which makes them perfect for running and action sports.


  • Helps to stay active in comfort with the stylish and lightweight movement
  • Lightweight athletic shoe with elastic lace closure
  • Leather and mesh uppers give amazing comfort with the seamless and padded lining
  • Perfect for hammer toes, the pain of high arches and many others
  • The TRIFLEX outsole provides perfect flexibility and protection for the runner


  • Too much high in price
  • Minimal color and design options available

7 Brooks Men’s Ghost 11

This pair of shoes is usually reported to be among the most reliable shoes you can use to treat hammer toes and in general gives you an idea of what people are looking for when they form the list of the shoes that can deal with feet deformities.

The shoes have an award-winning Brooks ghost lineage that is not anything you have seen before in terms of comfort and relaxation. They can help you enhance your speed while running due to their special aerodynamic abilities and features.

They also have a modern style that can give you a lot of attention when you are walking or running. Their mesh upper is breathable giving your feet the chance to remove heat and sweat and keeps you out of fungus infections.


  • 100% synthetic shoes offer right amount of lightness and swiftness.
  • Excellent in comfort and they are in great style
  • The outsole keeps on being durable and flexible to create more
  • Gives proper room in the forefoot for them who are a concern for toe fingers
  • Offers anti-sweat cushioning which can help to minimize the heat of your feet


  • Sometimes they may feel heavy
  • Supportive but looks bulky

8 Propét Women’s Stability Walker Sneaker

The Propet company has been among the shoe manufacturers that made the biggest technological advances in the latest years. These particular series have been considered to be one of the best shoes for hammer toes which can give prolonged duration to all runners and walkers using this footwear.

The outsole is made of quality leather adding up to the waterproof character of the shoes. Practically there is no way for external water to enter the foot area. The heel and forefoot areas are having extra supportive cushioning to maintain the right anatomy of the foot arch which is crucial for the pain management of the feet.

The outsole is durable and flexible enough to prolong the longevity of the footwear no matter how intense the conditions could be.


  • The removable insole and rigid heel counter are great for hammer toes
  • Features speed-lacing closure system offers relief for the foot pain
  • The insole of this shoe is made with special anti-thermal materials
  • Insole helps to minimize the heat of the inner when walking or running
  • The higher heel outsole offers special protection of heel


  • The ankle is too high for someone
  • May rub on the ankle

9 HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 4 Women

The newcomer in the category of the men’s high arch running shoes has come here to stay. HOKA is a pioneer in the sports shoes category that has helped many people that suffer from high arches get rid of their foot aching syndromes caused by constant walking and standing.

The special alloy rubber sole is flexible and durable to ensure that proper grip is applied under any circumstances. The intense striping can hold the foot arch architecture in place with no need of a separate lacing system.

Finally, the insole has a special anti-bacterial layer that supports the hygiene of the user after long hours of work.


  • Built with synthetic materials and having a rubber sole for stability
  • Lycra ComfortFrame upper is a unique feature of this shoe
  • Full EVA midsole comes with Meta-Rocker cushioning for optimal comfort
  • Flat-waisted geometry is their unique addition for hammer toes
  • TPU external heel counter takes care of your heel and toes


  • Narrow shoes without a lot of stretches
  • Size may vary. Limited color options

10 ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

This is by far the most successful pair of shoes that ASICS has managed to create and is totally addressed to people suffering from high arches and need to stand for long hours. Virtually one of the best shoes for persons with feet deformities.

This pair of shoes is stylish comprising of a great multicolor textile color that makes a difference among competitors. The insole keeps on being soft and supportive to the heel and foot curve of the user.

The outsole is made of quality rubber that can be more durable than ever before and add more flexibility when lots of walking is required. Overall it is a superb pair of shoes that will stay with you for a long time if you treat them right.


  • Rearfoot GEL cushioning system assist to minimize shock
  • For a smooth transition, it offers amazing support and traction
  • A special sockliner helps to accommodate a medical orthotic which is amazing
  • Comes with reversed lugs to provide traction on all types of terrain.
  • Comes with ASICS High Abrasion Rubber outsole for exceptional durability


  • Price is high
  • Not so durable

Before You Buy

Features To Choose Best Hammer Toe Shoes

The main features that you should look for when you are choosing the best shoes for hammer toes are described here.


A major issue for the suffers from hammer toes is the sizing of the shoe. Sometimes, it shows that most of the shoes have a narrow toe box. It causes a lot for the hammer toes people. It creates more painful pressure if you have foot pain as well as hammer toes. The perfect sizing of a shoe can give you more flexibility in moving. Tight or loose shoes cause great suffering. So, collect a shoe with the right sizing of your feet.


The pressure for moving is a general thing. But the weight of your body and the weight of your shoe can create extra pressure. That’s why supports your shoe is important. Arch support and heel support can minimize your pressure on your toes. Thus, you will get proper comfort with your hammer toes.

Shock absorption

It’s an obvious thing that, the more you get pain; the more you cause by hammer toes. So, it is very much important to get a shoe with shock absorption capability. This feature will help you to minimize your pain. At the same time, you will recover your stress on feet and on the whole body. The shock absorption quality can minimize the impact of regular movement. It can reduce the effect of transition also. So, buy a shoe with proper shock absorption quality to minimize your hammer toes problem.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques 1. Can you reverse a hammer toe?

Ans:  Hammer toe is a serious problem of foot. Fortunately, it can be reversed. By exercising the toes properly, you can get rid of this problem. But it is better to appoint a physical therapist who can recommend appropriate exercises.

Ques 2. How do you treat hammertoes without surgery?

Ans: There are some ways to minimize hammer toes problem without surgery. First of all, you should wear sensible shoes. Some famous doctors suggest using non-medicated padding shoes. You should use proper shoes which are made with a wider and flexible toe box. It will help to accommodate your foot’s shape. Try to do foot exercises. By those, you can treat your hammer toes.

Ques 3. How do you straighten a hammer toe?

Ans:  There is some special exercise to straighten a hammer toe.  But you should be very careful while you are doing such an exercise. You can gently pull on your toes. It will help to stretch the bent joints. You can put a towel flat under your feet. Then use your toes to crumple it. By frequent taking of these exercises, you can straighten your hammer toe.

Ques 4. How do you treat hammer toes at home?

Ans: Hammer toes can be treated at home by some particular tasks. You should use a pad in the toes.  They can be treated with corn pads. You also can use felt pads if the corn pad isn’t found in the pharmacy. You should wear wide shoes with a wider toe box. Take some exercise, use ice. Taking some medications can also help to treat your hammer toes at home.

Awesome List of 10 Best Hammer Toe Shoes

Final Verdict :

Having seen all the latest series of brand shoes for special feet conditions we turn to the point where your decision has to be taken with a clear mind. The best shoes for hammer toes are the ones that can provide your forefoot area with extra room and be flexible enough to allow precise movement of the various structures of the foot and ankle.

You are responsible to choose among the latest version of shoes, the models which precisely take care of your foot deformities and can take away the pain syndrome felt when training or doing your daily activities. Quality is the best advice for every purchase.

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