10 Best Bowling Shoes Reviews

Best Bowling Shoes

There is widely known that athletes in certain types of sport need special shoes to outperform. The process of finding the best bowling shoes may seem difficult but is full of challenges for all people involved. Bowling has long been the sport where physical strength and balance should exist at the same time for the athlete to be successful.

Some of the most reputable shoe companies in the world have recently presented their latest series of shoes being competent for bowling. These pairs of shoes are distinguished for their extreme outsole performance giving the best available grip and traction when the athlete reaches the end of the aisle. At the same time, the shoes are comfortable and have an extra dynamic shape to give more acceleration to the bowling players.

Most of the modern brand name shoes are technologically evolved to support the athletes wearing them when practicing or playing bowling. Shoes are meant to be one of the most important parts of their equipment this is why every bowling player is paying much attention to maintain them in great shape at all times.

Our Top 5 Picks

10 Best Bowling Shoes Reviews

1 Dexter Jack Bowling Shoes

The Dexter company has a long tradition of creating special footwear for the most competitive sports available. The shoes are believed to be among the best women’s bowling shoes for multiple reasons.

First, they have a stylish black color with white stripes which make you differ among the other competitors when training. Then, there is a special upper mesh and tongue that keeps your feet breathable and assist the perfect heat control of the inner shoe.

Finally, the outsole keeps on being solid and flexible enough to provide better traction at all possible variations of bowling movements. The extra aerodynamic shape gives more speed to the user and the extra-large lugs are helping you to freeze when leaving the ball to the isle.

2 BSI Women’s #651 Bowling Shoes

BSI company has been the newcomer in the category of the most successful shoes for female bowling players. This pair of shoes has been registered as one of the best bowling shoes available online and has scored high in the preferences of the public in every possible part of the globe.

The shoes are having a really fancy outlook giving you the privilege to have a distinct appearance among all the other athletes in the bowling court. They are lightweight enough to help you increase your speed when running with the ball. When you reach the rim of the isle the flexible forefoot area is giving you enough grip to suddenly stop and release the ball, which is of crucial importance for the success of the game.

3 Dexter Men’s Ricky IV Bowling Shoes

Going on with another Dexter pair of shoes to enhance your choices when playing bowling. This latest series is considered among the best men’s bowling shoes to be readily available for order online.

They have a perfectly balanced shape which helps you find your equilibrium when speeding in the bowling alley. The outsole keeps on being solid and made of quality rubber material to improve its longevity and durability no matter what the external conditions may be.

The insole is softer than ever before and is equipped with better cushioning to support the heel and foot curve area.

4 Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe

The Brunswick shoe company has a long tradition in creating bowling shoes that make a difference in the way you perform in the bowling alleys. These specific series are said to be among the best bowling shoes available for immediate purchase.

The outer parts of the shoe are made of special synthetic leather being extreme lightweight assisting the acceleration of the bowling player in the initial parts of the attempt. The upper mesh and shaft are closely attached to the lacing system for better protection of the ankle and foot arch.

The insole keeps on being soft and extra cushioned for better support of the heel area which receives excessive pressure from the terrain.

5 Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes

The Kerrie shoes are among the most famous shoes Dexter company has ever presented to the public. This series is believed to be among the best bowling ball for beginners to intermediate and give more beneficiary features to the bowling players.

The upper mesh and shaft areas are made of special lightweight materials that make the shoes extremely comfortable to wear for long hours. The tongue is also made of quality textile that takes away the bad odors and assists in the heat containment of the inner parts of the shoes.

The outsole keeps on being durable and flexible enough to support the stability of the user, by giving less freedom of movement to the toe fingers.

6 Storm Istas Bowling Shoes

The Storm shoes are by far the most stylish shoes ever appeared in bowling alleys across the globe. This particular edition can be characterized as the highest point of fashionable appearance that matches all the tastes of female players.

They have multiple shapes and colors to meet any individual needs. They are also having a special lacing system that firmly attaches the upper mesh to the foot arch offering unique fit and steady application of the shoes under any conditions.

The insole is made of a foamy material enabling it to take the shape of the feet for enhanced comfort during long hours of training.

7 Elite Platinum White Right Hand Bowling Shoes

The Elite shoes are well-known for their premium quality and their ability to help all bowling players find their personal goals. These series are among the best bowling shoes circulating in the market.

Giving more than they ask for these widely known for their quality Elite sneakers are great adapters to every bowling player. They have solid insoles to make sudden pressure be absorbed easily and without spoiling the geometry of the shoe.

The Crossfit Nano integrates the most top of the art innovations for the forefoot that gives more flexibility to the user when he most needs it at the high peak of the effort. The sockliner cushions are firmly supporting the ankle and give the shoe exceptional strength.

8 Storm Womens Skye Bowling Shoes

Going on to the list of the best bowling shoes you can check the Storm latest series that are primarily directed for the female population.

Another great shoe that can be easily entered in the catalog of the most desired bowling shoes that somebody could buy online. These shoes can also be considered as the most competent grip shoes which can be an easy procedure if you put on this footwear.

These are the best shoes you can buy at an entry-level price for wrestling taking advantage of the new mat flex 5 which can give you extra comfort and foot support. Enjoy increased breathability and immense traction that can keep you alive in the field.

9 Elite Athena Pink Women’s Bowling Shoes

The Elite company keeps on surprising us when producing quality shoes for the most difficult sports of all, the bowling. That latest series are said to be among the best bowling shoes you can possibly order online.

Really one of the most capable bowling shoes that can be found on the market and doesn’t cost you a fortune to acquire. The Elite brand has made an exceptional work on these shoes by enabling the user to accelerate easily in the bowling alleys without pressing the heels so terribly.

The Elite power truss heel system enhances stability and increases comfort level during the exercise. On the other hand, this shoe claims to be the lighter among the competition. Not to mention, that the shoes are intensively flexible as long as the materials used are following the human body architecture.

10 Dexter Men’s T.H.E 9 Bowling Shoes

For one more time, Dexter is presenting some of the most innovative pair of shoes for bowling athletes. A real competition pair of shoes that ranks high in the bowling shoes and makes the effort of the bowling athletes an easy task. Its rubber compound split sole design using special “serradial” traction pods offers maximum traction and flexibility.

The specifically redesigned upper top of the shoes creates a breathable single-layer mesh body that facilitates the abandoning of heat and sweat and the hygiene of the foot alongside with extreme comfort.

Besides, the newly designed tongue which is less bulky than before meets all the tournament regulations for bowling players.

Criteria To Choose The Best Bowling Shoes

As bowling shoes are quite different from running shoes or sport shoes, they have some particular feature that you should look for. Here we describe the best features to guide for buying.


A bowling shoe must be light to carry, run and jump. A heavy shoe hinders the performance of a bowler. It creates discomfort to get motion control also. And for a new pitch, it definitely deteriorates the mobility of a player. We think you don’t want to minimize your comfort for lack of a lightweight shoe. Do you?


It is an important aspect to consider when you come to choosing bowling shoes. Before you buy a bowling shoe, first think how much you won’t slide. If you want a little sliding then pick a shoe with a flat bottom. If you want more slide then you should pick a raised heel. It allows you to get more sliding while you are bowling. If you want both of them, you can choose a shoe with interchangeable soles or heels. The choice is yours.

Way of bowling

Well, these criteria can make you a little bit confused. Let’s make it simple. Way of bowling means which hand you use when you are bowling. There are lots of bowlers who are using a left hand or right-left. So, it is an important issue to remember. If you are a right-hand bowler the right foot shoe becomes your braking shoe. And if you are a left-hand bowler, it is vice versa. It is recommended to pick a bowling shoe following the way of your bowling.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques 1. What are the best women’s bowling shoes?

Ans: It is the most common asked question by the customers. Women need especial cushion and support which is a bit different from men. The shoes which have excellent memory foam cushion, supportive outsoles, good shoe drop, and proper ankle and heel support are the best bowling shoes for women. For instances, BSI Women’s 422 Bowling Shoe, Dexter Vicky Bowling Shoes For Women, BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoe, Dexter Kerrie Women Bowling Shoes, Dexter Women’s Raquel IV Bowling Shoes, BSI 460 Bowling Shoe for Women, BSI Women’s #651 Bowling Shoes for Women etc. are suggested for bowling.

Ques 2. What makes bowling shoes different?

Ans: Basically, bowling shoes are different from running shoes. They are made of leather and sometimes with rubber. The soles of bowling shoes are light and extreme support. They should be super slick. Slick shoes allow a bowler to slide smoothly. It also helps to get smoother traction. All these features make bowling shoes different from other shoes.

Ques 3. How long do bowling shoes last?

Ans: A bowling shoe lasts for a long time. If you take the proper care of your shoe, it will last 1 to 2 years. You may not believe our words. But exactly it does often.

Ques 4. Do you need bowling shoes to bowl?

Ans: Obviously. It needs to wear bowling shoes when you are bowling. It is necessary not for our recommendation but for your own confidence and performance. You should need to bring your own bowling shoes to get smoother traction and motion. You can choose a fashionable one but the main thing is bowling shoe offers you that much support that you need.

Ques 5. What shoes are OK for bowling?

Ans: The shoes that are OK for bowling are: BSI Men’s Basic Bowling Shoes, KR Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Bowling Shoes, Dexter Pro Am II Bowling Shoes, Dexter Jack Bowling Shoes, Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes, Dexter Men’s Ricky III Bowling Shoes.

Awesome List of 10 Best shoes for Bowling

Final Verdict :

Now that you are aware of the best bowling shoes available for you to choose in the online markets you can rest reassured that there is only the best quality of materials getting in close touch to your feet. Make sure you get the premium quality shoes to give enough comfort to your feet and perform your best in bowling alleys.

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