10 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet 2019

Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

It is well known to persons that are interested in playing soccer that many times athletes are excluded from the game when they suffer from certain feet deformities, like wide feet. The selection of the right footwear can be of crucial importance, that is why the best soccer cleats for wide feet are yet to be revealed.

Many persons have been recently diagnosed with wide feet, which is a type of foot deformity affecting the foot curve area, especially to the younger persons. The foot curve area remains the most sensitive part of the feet since it is constructed by soft tissues only without any bone interfering.

The soft tissues that are mostly muscles and ligaments are strongly attached to each other to create the natural curve of the footbed that gives people their normal gait and enhances their stability. Especially, when playing soccer, the preservation of the foot curve by wearing the adequate type of soccer cleats is of enormous significance.

Now let’s take a look at the types of shoes that are readily available for ordering by soccer players worldwide and guarantee the healthy preservation of the foot curve for persons that are constantly dealing with wide feet.

10 Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

1 adidas Copa Mundial Cleats Men's

Things We Like:

  • The shoes are made of quality leather for stylish purposes.
  • They are easily attached to orthotics when needed to cure certain skeletal disorders.
  • The existence of extra cushioning on the heel and foot curve areas are offering you unique comfort.
  • The EVA midsole is following the shape of your footbed so that you can feel relieved after long hours of use.

For one more time, the Adidas brand has managed to produce a state-of-the-art type of soccer shoes that are competent to deal with feet deformities. This latest edition is said to be among the best cleats for wide feet that can make you feel healthier when wearing them during the games or the soccer training.

The shoes are arrow-shaped giving better aerodynamics to the athletes wearing them. This is important especially at the acceleration phase where all the effort is given on the forefoot. Not to mention, that this type of soccer shoes creates more room for the toe fingers to enhance the stability of the user.

Finally, there is a competent lacing system that can easily embrace the ankle and foot arch areas to firmly attach it to the rest of the foot. You can rest reassured that your soccer shoes are not going anywhere without you no matter how hard you are running.

2 Nike Mens The Premier Soccer Cleat

Things We Like:

  • The insole foamy technology can provide more comfortable use for soccer players.
  • The quality anti-sweat insole layer can offer enhanced levels of hygiene to the user.
  • The lacing system although being basic can securely attach the various parts of the feet together.
  • There is also a special cushioning placed on the heel area to protect it from severe impacts during the game.

When Nike brand first appeared on the soccer fields nobody believed that it could bring any innovation to the specially designed shoes for the game. However, the latest Nike edition is considered to belong to the best wide soccer cleats produced directly to serve the athletic purposes of the soccer players in a demanding field such as the football.

These shoes are featuring a larger mesh and shaft to embrace all the surface of the foot arch and ankle giving greater protection to the soccer player when running. Additionally, the micro-lugs that are strategically located on the outsole produce more friction with the field to ensure the proper grip of the soccer player no matter what.

Keep in mind that this type of shoes is also equipped with special spikes that can be easily removed or changed to fit different types of soccer fields and give a normal gait to the athletes.

3 adidas Performance Men's Copa 17.2 FG

Things We Like:

  • There is a flexible plate moving alongside the foot for better comfort.
  • The soft and tender outer leather makes it easy to wear for long hours.
  • The spikes are of conical shape to ensure better traction.
  • The combination of leather and synthetic fabric makes a lightweight pair of shoes that helps you outperform.

This is another great model created from Adidas to offer a competitive advantage to the soccer players. The Men’s Copa model is said to be the best soccer cleats for wide feet, competent enough to take the pain away from people that suffer from certain feet deformities that may impose a barrier to the normal development of their playing abilities.

The shoes are equipped with larger spikes and lugs to provide ultimate grip and traction for the player when needed. The outer part is made of quality leather that keeps on being breathable assisting to the heat management of the inner shoes.

This footwear has a special low profile of the upper mesh and shaft that gives the user the chance to rapidly accelerate and stop instantly.

4 PUMA Men's Evopower 1.3 FG Soccer Shoe

Things We Like:

  • Dynamic shape gives more speed when accelerating.
  • The lacing system is precise to keep all the sensitive parts of the feet bent together.
  • The forefoot area has a larger room to ensure proper mobility of the toe fingers and increase the stability.
  • The upper mesh and tongue are lightweight and add on to the breathability of the shoes.

Lately, we have seen the PUMA brand to expand its knowledge in the soccer shoe field producing quality footwear that lasts a lot longer than the competition. This edition presented here is considered to be among the best soccer turf shoes for wide feet since it has many special features to help athletes to cope up with their feet problems.

First, it offers a stylish appearance using its great colourings and shapes to attract attention in the soccer field. Then, the shoes are giving you more spacey room for the heel and foot curve areas where most of the pressure from the ground is accumulated. As a result, you can play for multiple hours with just a fraction of your disturbance previously experienced.

The external part of the shoes and especially the outsole is made of quality rubber that is durable and can deal with all possible temperature changes. Not to mention, that it offers excellent grip even in the most slippery fields.

5 Nike Magista Obra II FG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

Things We Like:

  • Extravagant shape and colour that places you in the center of the attention.
  • Perfect fit for all since it has spacey rooms for the sensitive parts of the feet.
  • Extra cushioning applied to the heel area to absorb all the pressure from the ground.
  • The EVA midsole technology applies a foamy material on the footbed to take its shape and increase the comfort level when training.

The reality is that this is the type of shoes mostly criticized by reviewers when they first appeared on the market. These latest series are among the best soccer cleats for wide feet, while being the most controversial types of soccer shoes that you can possibly find.

First, they have a higher sockliner that embraces the ankle and foot arch areas to ensure proper fit of the shoes. This is extremely important because it is the first time that a soccer shoe is equipped with an elastic band that can assure the perfect fit of the footwear no matter how intense the training may be.

The outer layer of the shoes is asymmetrical made of quality fabric and plastic fibers to ensure the water resistance of the shoes offering you the chance to be competitive even in the wet fields.

Finally, the outsole is equipped with state-of-the-art spikes that offer greater grip and traction to the players when they are speeding up to take control of the ball.

6 ASICS Men's Ds Light 6 Soccer Shoe

Things We Like:

  • Perfectly placed spikes that provide enormous grip when needed.
  • The smart lacing system can securely bend the shoes to the feet.
  • Most of its parts are imported to ensure premium quality for the user.
  • The upper mesh and shaft are made of lightweight materials increasing the breathability of the inner shoes.

This is another innovative proposal from Asics that has lately been presenting more sophisticated soccer shoes than ever before. The latest editions are said to be the best soccer shoes for wide feet since they incorporate all the technologies that help people suffering from feet problems to outperform when playing soccer.

The outer part is comprised of quality leather that can make a difference with its premium breathability and water resistance. It can offer you the chance to play soccer even in the most adverse weather conditions keeping your feet dry during the game.

The insole has an anti-microbial layer that enhances your hygiene when training. Additionally, there is extra cushioning applied to the heel and foot curve areas to ease the symptoms of wide feet especially for people that are in constant pain.

Finally, the forefoot area gives more room to the toe fingers which in turn increases their mobility to provide better traction and enhanced stability when running.

7 Nike Men's Tiempo Genio II Leather Fg Soccer Cleat

Things We Like:

  • There is a breathable fabric lining that can assist in the heat containment of the inner shoes.
  • The anti-microbial layer of the insole can increase the user’s hygiene levels.
  • The existence of a durable outsole can guarantee your ability to play soccer even in the most adverse terrains.
  • The ultra-light upper mesh and shaft are creating a lightweight pair of shoes giving you the chance to accelerate faster and outperform.

Another perfectly balanced pair of shoes adequate for soccer playing is being presented here by the Nike brand. This special series is believed to belong to the best soccer cleats for wide feet as long as it has some unique features giving it more value for people with feet deformities.

First, the insole keeps on being one of the widest in the category. This helps persons with wide feet to feel more comfortable when playing soccer since there is a lot more room to allow the enhanced mobility of the toe fingers and the metatarsals.

To add on, there is a lot more room created for the toe fingers as well, since the extra flexible outsole can make the forefoot area larger than usual. Moving the toe fingers can be of crucial importance for the overall stability of the user and this is an advantage that Nike soccer shoes may offer to the players.

Finally, the insole is equipped with more sophisticated cushioning, applied to the sensitive parts of the feet like the heel and foot curve. By easing the pressure on these spots, the pain is not triggered any more and soccer players can last longer during games.

8 PUMA Men's King II FG-M

Things We Like:

  • They have a synthetic sole that is water resistant to keep your feet dry.
  • The existence of the lightweight upper mesh gives more breathability to the shoes.
  • There is also a smart lacing system that can easily hold together the various structures of the feet.
  • The stylish appearance can easily get you to the center of the attention of all spectators when playing.

This is a real pair of soccer shoes made for the kings of the field. Being one of the best soccer cleats for wide feet this special edition has a lot to offer to persons that want to play soccer even though they suffer from foot deformities that affect their normal gait.

The shoes are stylish with a perfect yellow colour covering their outer layers. In reality, comfort starts in the insole where the exact cushioning offers a great fit to all types of footbed. The soft tissues are adequately protected from mild impacts with the field ground taking advantage of the EVA midsole that takes the form of the feet when running or training.

Finally, the outsole is durable and has extra spikes so that grip is guaranteed under any circumstances.

9 Mizuno Men's MORELIA II P1GA150109 [JAPAN IMPORT]

Things We Like:

  • There is a special barefoot feeling when wearing them for extreme comfort.
  • You can admire the great style they offer and be always fashionable on the soccer field.
  • The Kangaroo leather can easily add to the waterproof ability of the shoes and keep your feet dry.
  • The outsole is made of high-quality rubber and spikes which can easily offer you a better grip when running.

Mizuno has finally expanded its business in producing quality soccer shoes that gather all the useful innovation the industry could show to the world public. The MORELIA edition is believed to belong to the best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet since they incorporate more comfortable solutions for the majority of players that deal with feet deformities.

They have the best available cushioning on the most vulnerable spots of the footbed like the foot curve and the heel areas. The ligaments and muscles are properly protected, and this can improve the performance of the soccer player.

Finally, the forefoot area gives more room to the toe fingers and can easily add on to the stability of the user when running.

10 New Balance Men's Furon 4.0 Pro FG Soccer Shoe

Things We Like:

  • All its parts are imported for premium quality.
  • It comes in many sizes and colours for you to choose the one adequate for you.
  • It has more spikes than its competitors to offer improved grip.
  • There is the chance to add an ortholite insert to make it easier for people with feet problems to wear them.

These are the only soccer shoes that the New Balance brand has finally decided to present to the soccer fans around the world. They are considered to be among the best soccer cleats for wide feet integrating all the latest trends of the market.

The shoes are lean and lightweight to feel like you are not wearing them. In addition, they have the softest insole that you have ever tried offering more cushioning for the sensitive areas.

New Balance is also giving you the chance to stay out of infection with the new anti-microbial insole layer that can make the difference in keeping you refreshed during play.


This is the time of your personal decision about the best soccer shoes you can possibly have. The quest for the best soccer cleats for wide feet is not an easy task and there is a high chance you cannot find the right one for you.

Never abandon the effort to offer the best to yourself when performing team sports like soccer. The reality is that you are going to be paid back by the results.

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