10 Best Shoes For Metatarsalgia 2022

Best Shoes For Metatarsalgia

In some people, the painful feet syndrome becomes unbearable especially when it reaches the point where it transforms in an inflammation called metatarsalgia. The best shoes for metatarsalgia are the ones that give more support to the foot arch without interfering with the normal architecture of the foot curve that lies beneath the metatarsal bones of the feet.

Metatarsal bones are loosely held together with thin collagen fiber stripes that can be severely damaged from every day walking and training with inadequate shoes. The shape of the foot curve may be transformed into a flat surface that creates extreme pain that doesn’t pass with normal painkillers and rest.

Lately, all the major brand shoe manufacturers have presented some new series where the issue of metatarsalgia is addressed. Their unique characteristics are among the benefits that give them extreme value against competitor regular shoe series. The cushioning systems and the specially designed lacing stripes are the innovations mostly found in these shoes.

Let’s take a closer look at the proposals of the big shoe companies that can improve your health levels and give you a pain-free appearance no matter how severe the metatarsalgia could become in your case.

Our Top 5 Picks

10 Best Shoes For Metatarsalgia

1 Brooks Women’s Ghost 11

This is the new Ghost series created exclusively for women and are listed as some of the best metatarsal shoes that are available on the world marketplace.

They have a stylish appearance that can make you the center of attention while walking or training. Their special lacing system is attached closely to the ankle and heel area to provide extra support to the soft tissues.

The insole has a special cushioning for the foot curve that absorbs all adverse pressures coming from the floor surface. The outsole is equipped with larger lugs that offer greater grip to the slippery surfaces and require less energy spent for the same distance.


  • Those manmade shoes feature a lightweight construction
  • Gives a smoother ride from heel to toe for better performance
  • They become very crucial for their overall quality.
  • All parts are imported and giving the premium quality
  • Rubber sole gives more stability and the forefoot area gives greater flexibility


  • The toe box area is too small
  • Price is so high to afford

2 Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

These sandals are the latest achievement of Birkenstock shoe company that has shown great improvement in the past years. These sandals are listed in the category of the best shoes for metatarsalgia since they integrate all the qualities needed for that purpose.

The outer layer stripes are adequately keeping together the ankle attached to the rest of the foot which in return assists the normal gait. The outsole is uniquely created by a cork that is a natural product which absorbs excessive sweat and makes the sandals more breathable.


  • 100% Suede upper confirms comfort as well as durability
  • The synthetic sole ensures traction, grip, and support
  • Platform is measured approximately 0.25 inch
  • Classic two-strap sandal with a signature anatomical footbed
  • Comes with traction EVA outsole and dual adjustable buckles


  • Price is high compared with other shoes
  • Not so versatile to being stylish

3 Brooks Women’s Addiction 13

These are some of the most successful shoes that Brooks has lately presented to the public. Brooks women shoes improve the ability of the user to walk and exercise without the barrier of pain.

They are available in various sizes and colours which is crucial to match the needs of different segments of the population. The insole is easily removable to improve user hygiene. At the same time, the upper mesh and tongue are specifically designed to give more breathability to the shoe and assist the airflow within the lower parts of the feet.


  • Comes with premium quality which is imported
  • The durable rubber sole gives more freedom to the forefoot
  • Widely affordable for any person, any season
  • Extra size creates more spacey rooms for the metatarsal which is important for minimizing of pain.
  • Insole can be easily removable to increase user convenience


  • Bad redesign of toe box
  • Size may vary from person to person

4 Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoe

This is listed as one of the best shoes for metatarsalgia pain that Sketchers has ever produced. They feature a great soft textile inside that absorbs the sweat and makes the heat diffusion a lot easier.

The lacing system is absent but the elastic upper mesh does this job with similar success. The insole has separate cushioning in the heel area to deal with the excessive pressure that causes the pain syndromes. Finally, the outsole gives extra gripping abilities and more stability than ever before.


  • 100% Mesh upper gives air cushion comfort
  • Radically lightweight, having a midfoot design to improve arch support
  • Bamboo lined footbed is added for anti-bacterial as well as odor control
  • Features innovative at the same time highly responsive 5GEN midsole cushioning
  • Features featherweight sockliner to give perfect flexibility of movement


  • Arch is not so supportive that you may develop if you have bad foot pain
  • Newer version has a problem in toe box

5 OOFOS – Unisex OOriginal – Post Run Sports Recovery Thong Sandal

This is by far the most original and revolutionary pair of sandals that can give great relief in people with metatarsal pain. Voted as one of the best shoes for metatarsalgia the OOFOS company flip flop is the most challenging pair of shoes for people that are in constant pain.

There is no lacing system to attach to the foot structures, thus the fit of the sandals is of optimum quality. The insole is made of special material that is widely anti-odorant giving extra comfort to the user.


  • Comes with OOfoam Recovery Technology which can absorb 37% more impact rather than traditional footwear
  • Offers a patented footbed to cradle arches perfectly
  • Help to reduce stress on various portions of the foot like knee, ankle, heel
  • Biomechanically designed to allow natural motion and machine washable
  • Gives great flexibility and integrity with its 100% synthetic material


  • May be fall apart after rough use
  • They are don’t come for width feet

6 Brooks Men’s Ghost 11

The new Ghost series created by Brooks company tend to become the best shoes for metatarsalgia especially for people that have been long fighting with the syndrome. The shoes are stylish and can be found in multiple colors and shapes.

The upper mesh and tongue are thinner than ever giving extra mobility to the foot no matter how harsh the conditions could become. The insole is soft but strong at the same time to induce the longevity of the shoes. The outsole is flexible enough and makes more space to the forefoot for the toe fingers to enhance stability and proper gait.


  • A manmade one which has some special quality to remove metatarsalgia
  • Their parts are mostly imported with high quality.
  • Gives stiffness to the shoes by the extra durable rubber sole
  • Specially redesigned with lightweight materials, giving extra lightweight
  • They are adequate as well as support for any type of training


  • Minimal color options
  • Size may vary

7 Nike Men’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe

The Nike company has a great tradition in creating the blockbuster shoes of the decade. The Men’s Revolution series are some of the best shoes for metatarsalgia that is a syndrome which tortures many people around the world who are in constant movement.

The outer layer of the shoes is made of impermeable fabric that leaves the airflow to pass through the shoes and reduces the heat load. The outsole is made of a special rubber alloy that is durable to the adverse environmental conditions and creates flexibility to the forefoot where toe fingers need extra space for increased stability.


  • Mesh and Phylon Foam upper combines comfort
  • Rubber sole offers perfect durability
  • Mesh upper gives optimal breathability for running
  • Soft foam midsole offers lightweight and responsive cushioning
  • Rubber outsole offers extra grip and excellent traction


  • Ankle support is not so good
  • If you have sweaty feet, they are not for you

8 ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

One of the pair of shoes that makes running with metatarsalgia an easy task. They are comfortable and stylish for modern women to run into, they give you more energy on every step and they have high-mileage durability which is a key point for shoes in this category. They rank well in the list of the best shoes for metatarsalgia.

They also have a DUOMAX system that makes them extra comfortable for long hour use and heel-to-toe GEL technology cushioning that protects the foot arch area as well as the foot curve.


  • Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System helps to minimize shock
  • Allows a smooth transition in different phases which is very much appealing
  • Removable Sockliner helps to accommodate a medical orthotic.
  • Trail Specific Outsole offers all types of traction on all terrain.
  • AHAR outsole is added for exceptional durability.


  • Not so durable for a long shift
  • There may problem in the sizing of the shoe

9 ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 19 Running Shoe

Voted as best shoes that eliminate feet pain syndromes running this pair of shoes is showing significant improvements in the area of comfort and hygiene of the user. The fabric is 100% synthetic that makes it impossible for microbes and other germs to be developed in the inside of the shoe while running.

It has a revolutionary cushioning technology that is unique among the category of best running shoes for bunions. The support of the ankle and foot are reassured by the development of the DUOMAX support system and the rubber sole has a unique quality for all uses.


  • FlyteFoam Midsole Technology provides amazing cushioning and comfort
  • Fluid ride midsole gives the ultimate combination of bounce back
  • Helps to reduced weight and increases exceptional durability.
  • Rearfoot cushioning system minimizes shock during critical phases
  • Very much lightweight, durable as well as flexible in use


  • Smaller toe box for width feet
  • May feel narrow

10 Saucony Men’s Zealot ISO Running Shoe

Virtually one of the best shoes for metatarsalgia that you can find online. This is the latest version of the Saucony technology team that has enhanced the comfort felt while running in their shoes.

The Zealot ISO infographic that has been developed by the company has made substantial progress in the domain of cushioning, support of the foot and offset of action when running. They are lighter than the average of their competitors and the fabric is of extreme quality.


  • 100% fabric and synthetic upper make it durable
  • Neutral cushion trainer offers logo lace cage, supportive and customized fit
  • 4mm heel to toe offset keeps you right on height
  • midsole cushioning is awesome for the metatarsalgia pain
  • ISOFIT floating support cage is a special feature


  • Not a Cortana replacement.
  • Not able to deal with the pain

Before You Buy

Criteria To Evaluate Best Metatarsalgia Shoes

Metatarsalgia is a serious foot problem. It makes great suffering if you don’t take proper care of it. A shoe with important features that keep you comfortable and supportive with metatarsalgia. Now we describe the criteria to choose the best shoes for metatarsalgia.

Arch support

Arch is the main portion which provides a wearer the support to move easily. That’s why for minimizing metatarsalgia pain, arch support is very important. Arch support reduces your impact of moving. It can help to get relief from regular foot pain.


It is very necessary to wear a lighter shoe when you have the pain of metatarsalgia. A lighter shoe keeps you flexible in moving though you have foot pain. Actually, it’s an obvious thing that the weight of your shoe makes extra pressure on your foot.

So, a lighter shoe is perfect for metatarsalgia.


A durable shoe is mandatory for metatarsalgia. If you wear a break-prone shoe, it will fall you in a great hassle suddenly. It can also cause some serious foot injury. So, you will develop your foot pain rather than minimize it.  So, looking for a durable shoe when you are choosing the best shoes for metatarsalgia.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques 1. What is the best insole for metatarsalgia?

Ans: Insoles help to get comfort and cushion if you have pain in the foot. The best insoles give you the best comfort. Some of the best insole for metatarsalgia are: New Balance Insoles 3810 Ultra Support Insole Shoe, New Balance Insoles 3030 Pressure Relief Insole with Metatarsal Pad Shoe, Power step Pinnacle Shoe Insoles, Soft Sole Insoles Men’s AIRR Orthotic Support Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert, etc.

Ques 2. Are Dansko shoes good for metatarsalgia?

Ans: Some Dansko Professional shoes are awesome for metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis. They are suitable for everyone who is suffering from foot pain and toe pain. Dansko’s shoes are helping to relieve various pain. They also help to minimize metatarsal pain. They are very comfortable. They also come with the best rocker-bottom soles.

Ques 3. Are Oofos good for metatarsalgia?

Ans: Yes, Oofos are good enough for metatarsalgia. The best OOFOS sandals for metatarsalgia have some specific quality. They have a soft and contouring toe post. It helps to reduce chafing. At the same time, OOfoam footbed cushioning technology can absorb the impact of moving. They also help with alleviating pain. So, you can use their footwear for your metatarsalgia.

Ques 4. How long does it take for metatarsalgia to heal?

Ans: Basically, metatarsalgia can be prevented by several things. You should take proper take to minimize your pain. You should wear a perfect shoe built for metatarsalgia. Within a few days or a few weeks, mild foot pain may recover. But if you have several pains, it takes a few months to recover.

Ques 5. Can you run with metatarsalgia?

Ans: If you run with metatarsalgia, it increases your foot pain. If you have little pain, running or jumping make it worst. So, it is better to avoid running or jumping with this problem. You should give a break and take proper rest. It will minimize your pain. It gives you relief also.

Awesome List of 10 Best Metatarsal Shoes

Final Verdict :

This is where a great conversation about the metatarsalgia painless shoes has come to an end. The quest for the best shoes for our individual needs never ends though. You have to be extra careful about what size and shape of shoes you are buying and make sure that the brand name is real.

The real problem of modern shoes is the counterfeit shoes that are produced in large numbers and can imitate the appearance of the genuine ones. There is no need to explain that they may have the same appearance but they certainly don’t have the same ability to ease the pain like the original ones.

The cushioning systems, the supportive insoles, and the breathable upper meshes are all innovations that are copyrighted and not easily copied by counterfeiters. There is no point in buying a new pair of shoes if it is not better than the previous one you already wearing.

The issues with the brand names shoes are because of their low availability in high seasons like spring and summer when people around the world are starting to exercise again. The reality is that you should be patient enough to wait for the right type of shoe to come to your mailbox and be sure that the one you wear is definitely worse than the one you are expecting.

The prices are there to adjust the demand and offer of certain shoes according to world trends. There is no point in buying stylish luxurious shoes if they don’t adequately support your foot architecture. You should also be aware of the possible dangers you may encounter when wearing the wrong shoes in terms of painful reactions that may become permanent.

The quality of the shoes is measured by their acceptance in worldwide market places like Amazon of E-bay. There the reviewers are constantly writing about all the pros and cons of the shoes for you to be aware of your following purchase. The health of your feet is beyond any possible price or cost.

Finally, the style may be of great importance to some professions. Try to purchase the best shoes for metatarsalgia which can be worn both at work and in training or leisure time with friends. There is no need to have more than a dozen pairs of shoes if you are recycling them enough.

Not that the affordability of new shoes has done a tremendous turn down for the consumers’ benefit then it is time to get rid of your old pair of shoes and start looking for a new one. The brand names are widely available and wait for you to order them.

Make sure you buy the best for yourself and you will definitely get less painful syndromes and a life that will be full of pleasures and happy moments.

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  1. For someone living with Metatarsal pain for a while, it surely must be very tiresome. It tends to push people to believe that there isn’t a way to get back to life before this pain. Thanks to this article, many have been introduced to some of the very best shoes in the industry. Thanks for a brilliant article. Keep it up.

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