10 Best Shoes for Ankle Support in 2022

Best Shoes for Ankle Support

It is widely accepted, ankle support remains one of the serious reasons for foot discomfort. Sometimes, finding the best shoes for ankle support could take a long time since there are a lot of choices available and many factors that you have to examine.

The ankle is the most important joint of the human leg. It supports the weight of the human body and makes sure that proper balance is always provided. The strong relationship of the ankle joint with the heel area and the metatarsal bones is of crucial importance for the best fit of shoes and the elimination of the pain which is correlated with walking, training or standing.

The big brand shoes manufacturers are competing with each other to present the best scientific and technological advances and enhance their sales and profitability. You have to be careful about which type of shoes you are going to select because not all of them are giving adequate support to your ankles.

Let’s take a look at the most influential new series of brand shoes that promise to offer you a better fit and improved comfort when wearing them.

Our Top 5 Picks

10 Best Shoes for Ankle Support

1 DailyShoes Women’s Ankle Bootie High Lace Up  Boots

These DailyShoes series are the boots which can give you the support and comfort you need alongside with a fashionable appearance. Reviewers are constantly placing them among the best shoes for ankle pain since they have a larger shaft to fully embrace the ankle area.

The outer layer is made of pure leather, giving extra style to the user and extreme water-resistance to the boot. There is a smart lacing system to keep the ankle close to the foot arch and heel area. The insole keeps on being softer and supportive to the heel and other soft tissues. You can remove it easily for hygiene reasons and let the airflow pass through the boots.


  • Ruggedly crafted for energetic as well as easy walk on
  • Slip-Resistant rubber sole keep safe on slippery conditions
  • Constructed with Heavy Vegan to provide amazing comfort
  • Offers ultra-secure to keep ankle protection and support
  • Known as safe Ankle Combat Boot which is perfect for slip resistance


  • Not for daily use
  • Size may vary

2 Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS Military And Tactical Boot

The Under Armour company has a long tradition of producing quality shoes to make the difference among their competitors. They are listed as the best shoes for ankle support and they can reassure your gait is going to be much more normal the more you wear them.

You have the freedom to choose among various sizes. Their special lacing system enhances the consistency of all foot structures like ankle and heel. The existence of a foam midsole gives the owner the comfort needed to wear them multiple hours.


  • Comes with special UA ClutchFit technology for ankle protection
  • Can wrap your ankle with incredible support and feel
  • A lightweight shoe for powerful support with flexibility
  • Lightweight TPU shank adds extra mid-foot support and mobility
  • You can get the right amount of rigidity by Molded Ortholite sockliner


  • Price rate is so high
  • Limited color options

3 RYKA Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe

The newcomer in the special shoes for the ankles is an RYKA series and can change the way you consider modern footwear. Being one of the Best Walking Shoes for Ankle Support the RYKA shoes accumulate all the benefits you can possibly ask from a modern pair of shoes.

They have a solid structure and are practically waterproof, good for any external use. The outsole is made of special rubber alloy that doesn’t wear off with sunshine and bad weather. It is equipped with larger lugs to keep the water away from your road and improve your grip in slippery conditions.


  • Provides perfect fit with adjustable hook and loop strap
  • Comes with a padded tongue and collar to offer superior comfort
  • Precise-return insole is a unique feature for cushioning
  • Keep you supportive with molded heel reinforcement
  • Traction outsole provides proper traction and grip in harsh surfaces


  • Fits great but not so durable
  • Not for actual dancing

4 New Balance Men’s MW759 Country Walking Shoe

Surely one of the most bizarre of shoes that you may encounter while searching for long-distance running footwear. The New Balance company has a long tradition in creating shoes that give a lot of assistance to runners and this specific series is considered to belong among the best shoes for ankle support.

With special shape and colours available, all-male runners will love to be the center of attention while wearing this pair of shoes. The extra cushioning improves the comfort of the shoes as well as the upper mesh which is waterproof and prevents the flooding of the insole when running under heavy rain.


  • 100% synthetic shoe with a synthetic sole
  • Comes with awesome ABZORB shock-absorbing cushioning
  • Features midfoot support with proper stability
  • C-CAP supportive midsole can keep you free from pain
  • rubber outsole offers amazing stability and mobility


  • Price is high
  • Not for wide feet

5 ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoe

A perfectly balanced pair of walking shoes and can be easily added to the list of the best shoes for ankle support when walking. Their fit and durability are perfect and they are made of high-quality materials to make a difference in modern footwear.

The shaft and upper mesh are said to be famous for their extreme comfort and breathability. The soft textiles of the inner cushioning make up for greater support in the heel and ankle area, helping users to feel comfortable during work.

The outsole is a modern concept of Asics and consists of a special rubber alloy that is durable and consistent.


  • Fluid Ride delivers ultimate comfort of bounce back
  • Cushioning properties help to reduce weight and fatigue
  • Help to adapt a truly customized and snug fit
  • Heel counter delivers improved heel support with improved comfort
  • Rearfoot gel cushioning systems help to minimize shock


  • Price is too high
  • May hurt on hard surfaces

6 Brooks Women’s Addiction 13

Brooks shoe industry has a great tradition in making quality footwear that is adequate for long distance races. The Addiction series pair of shoes are among the best shoes for ankle support and give the runner special privileges while training.

There is an ultimate endurance sole, a superb stiff construction, as well as the lower heel level, are major advantages of this type of shoes that offer stability and speed to the user.


  • Offers adequate support for long distance movements
  • Best shoes for ankle support for special features
  • Comes with ultimate endurance sole to give mobility
  • Lower heel level is a major advantage of this shoe
  • Offers stability and extra speed to the user


  • Bad redesign of the toe box
  • Heel support is not enough

7 Vans Sk8 Hi Classic Men’s Shoe

This is stylish footwear for all persons looking for a pair of shoes to give extra support to their ankle joint. Many of them see them as the best sneakers for ankle support since you can wear it for a long time while standing up and being in action.

The Skate Shoes have a soft upper mesh that is also breathable to enhance the airflow of the shoes. There is also a unique supportive insole that can adequately protect the heel area and make you feel comfortable eliminating any pain syndrome related to quick walking.


  • Very much stylish footwear for all persons in all professions
  • Gives extra support to the ankle joint and helps to get relief
  • Considered as the best sneakers for ankle support with amazing stability
  • Can be used for a long time with proper support and cushion
  • Features soft upper mesh to enhance airflow of shoe


  • Size may vary
  • Not for wide feet people

8 New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080v7 Running Shoe

A well-respected company like New Balance couldn’t do anything else but presenting the only state of the art shoes that could potentially dominate the market. The new fresh foam running shoes are listed as the best shoes for ankle support and their abilities prove that statement.

The shape adopts the dynamic views that New Balance has evolved and applied so that runners can receive more energy from the road to continue their race. The extra cushioning creates a natural defense shell for the foot and ankle while running. Finally, there is some greater room created for the toe fingers in the forefoot to assist in the flexibility and agility of the user.


  • Can deliver maximum cushioning with fresh foam
  • Offers a stable ride with an engineered mesh forefoot
  • Awesome for midfoot support and materials from top to bottom.
  • Great option for runners to give more energy while running
  • Extra cushioning can create a natural defense portion


  • Not for long term uses
  • Price is high

9 Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

If you are looking for the best shoes for ankle protection and well-being then the Saucony new series for female athletes makes the difference and could easily be your final decision.

Extreme style and fashion will keep all female runners satisfied while running giving them a boost to their mood so that they can successfully enhance the integrity of their foot joints. The lacing system although being basic, it helps in the firm attachment of the shoe to the feet.

The outsole offers a premium grip to the user even though running at extreme speed and ensures her stability in all slippery terrains. Finally, the insole is made of special foamy and anti-microbe material that support adequately the foot and improves hygiene during races.


  • Made of 100% full-grain leather for optimal comfy
  • Rubber sole add extra support and stability
  • Shaft is measured approximately low to top from arch
  • Comes with a padded tongue and collar to offer inner comfort
  • Features walk-Trac comfort outsole which is very unique


  • Minimal color and design option
  • Quality of leather is not so good

10 New Balance Women’s 990V3 Running Shoe

These shoes are the ones who made it to the top of the anatomic shoe list. Since ankle protection is an issue not easily overpassed when performing sports activities, the presence of specialized shoes is imperative.

This New Balance pair of shoes for men gives them many possibilities in the design so that anyone can find the right type for his own tastes.

Then the powerful lacing system makes it easy for you to train without worrying if you lose your balance when stepping on your shoelaces. Not to mention that the enhanced cushioning system makes it easy for persons with ankle joint problems to move quickly with no pain since the shoe is making up for the lack of the foot curve.


  • A great option for ankle support and cushion
  • Built to help ankle problems improved with special design
  • Gives proper as well as adjustable fit with the lace-up system
  • Very much lightweight, soft for running and walking
  • Outsole and midsole are good for extra support for the ankle


  • The shoe is narrow a little bit
  • Not for long shifts

Before You Buy

Criteria for The Best Ankle Support Shoes

For collecting the best shoes for ankle support there are some certain features that are important. For making a helping hand, now we described some of the main features that you should look for when you are buying the best shoes for ankle support.


When you have ankle problems or any pain in the ankle, you must wear comfortable shoes. It will help to minimize your pain. Sometimes, it may recover your foot from ankle problems. On the other hand, the lack of cushion will cause a serious problem by increasing your pain. So, collect a comfortable shoe for better ankle support.


Midsole plays an important role in ankle support. It helps to get the proper stability. Thus, it can improve ankle health. It can decrease the load rate. With a soft and cushioned midsole, you can enjoy a stable environment. Soft midsole assists to enhance walking flexibility. Therefore, you can avoid unwanted injuries.


It is very important to wear a well-fitted shoe when you have an ankle problem. Basically, ankle problem is developed by lack of support and discomfort. When your shoe gets loose or tight, it causes a lack of support. It also causes discomfort in your every step. That’s why fit is very important when you want to purchase the best shoes for ankle support.


We have already discussed some features. Some other important features are solid footbed, removable insole, snug tongue, etc. These features make a shoe perfect for ankle problems. Therefore, you should also care for them.


Finally, you should look for the style of a shoe. The specialist says that the construction and style of a shoe matters a lot to offer proper support and cushion at the same time. A high top can be good for an ankle problem. It can remove ankle sprains. The lacing system also makes a shoe proper fitted. It can hug your ankle proper. Thus, you can get the proper stability of moving with ankle pain.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques 1. What are the best shoes for ankle support?

Ans: There are lots of shoes for ankle support. But the best shoes for ankle support are; DailyShoes Women’s Ankle Bootie, Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS Military and Tactical Boot, RYKA Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe, ASICS Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe, Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe, etc. You can find them comfortable and supportive for any ankle problems.

Ques 2. What basketball shoe has the best ankle support?

Ans: Basketball is a game that needs more support and cushioned by the shoe you wear. Some of the best basketball shoes in the market are listed here. They are: Adidas D Rose 8 – Amazing Traction, Adidas Crazy Explosive PrimeKnit 2017, Nike Kobe AD NXT, Under Armour Curry 3Zero, Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS Military and Tactical Boot, etc.

Ques 3. What are the best shoes after ankle surgery?

Ans: After your ankle surgery, you should strictly maintain some rules and regulations. One of them is using a supportive and specific shoe designing for ankle support. Some best shoes after ankle surgery are: New Balance Men’s M1340 Optimal Control Running Shoe, ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe, New Balance Mw928v2 Walking Shoe, Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe, etc. You must get them perfect in support and flexibility.

Ques 4. Are high tops good for ankle support?

Ans: Yes, high tops are good for ankle support. Sometimes, it can help you to get comfort and support at the same time. By wearing a high top, you can get an active movement with your ankle pain. Your injury can be prevented by the high top shoe. But the best way to prevent ankle injury, you should make strong muscles. You should take regular physical exercise to make your bone strong. It will also help you to keep you fit for an unexpected situation like a sudden fall on or any kind of injuries. Actually, prevention is better than cure. Keep in mind this thing.

Awesome List of 10 Best Ankle Support Shoes

Final Verdict :

As you may have seen the quest for the best shoes for ankle support is long lasting and can give you a headache if you don’t know what your special needs are. If you are in constant ankle pain and need a specialized pair of shoes this is the time to invest in brand shoes which enhance your hygiene levels and satisfy your senses as well.

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