10 Best Rocker Bottom Shoes in 2022

Best Rocker Bottom Shoes

Rocker bottom shoes are designed to minimize the lack of movement. It can happen due to some injury or some medical conditions. They are designed to reduce your pain.

If you are looking for the best rocker bottom shoes, you are reached at the right place. In this review, we focus on the best rocker shoes. Here we list top 10 rocker bottom shoes for men and women.  Most of the shoe is famous. They have the ability to offer the best support as rocker shoes.

Our Top 5 Picks

10 Best Rocker Bottom Shoes

1 Skechers Women’s Shape Ups 2.0 Comfort Stride Fashion Sneaker

Skechers are making shoes for amazing support and comfort. They are brave enough to put comfort right in their name. this shoe also carries their quality. Skechers Women’s Shape Ups 2.0 Comfort Stride Fashion Sneaker is one of the best rocker shoes.

The shoe has 100% trubuck with a rubber sole. The rubber sole offers super breathability and stability. There is an ortholite sockliner in this shoe.

It provides flexible movement to the rocker bottom. An EVA midsole gives the wearer a soft as well as cushioned feeling.

The mesh panel of this shoe gives your feet enough room. It makes the shoe breathable and comfortable with excellent stability.

This athletic sneaker features a shock absorption capability also. It is featuring breathability. A memory foam footbed gives you extra comfort and support.


  • 100% Trubuck, rubber sole
  • Ortholite sockliner offers comfort
  • EVA midsole, padded tongue
  • Breathable and comfortable with proper stability
  • Athletic sneaker featuring Air Cooled breathability and memory foam footbed


  • Size runs small
  • Minimal color option

2 Skechers Sport Men’s Shape Ups XT All Day Comfort Sneaker

If you are looking for the best rocker shoes, this Skechers Sport Men’s Shape-Ups XT All Day Comfort Sneaker is one of our best choices for men. You can find them most of the best rocker bottom shoes review. They are so comfortable for rocker bottom. Let’s see the features they offer.

Actually, there is nothing to say about Skechers. They are famous for making stylish, trendy and very comfortable footwear. They make their footwear with high-quality components. They combine amazing cushion with a superior design. This shoe is highly functional and easy to use at the same time.

Skechers Sport Men’s Shape-Ups XT All Day Comfort Sneaker contains 100% leather and synthetic materials. With the rubber sole and memory foam insole, you will get a soft cushion. There is a cushioned midsole. The midsole minimizes the effect of shock impacts

These best rocker sole shoes have plush memory foam. It provides great and optimal support for the feet. There is a rocker bottom outsole in this shoe. It greatly enhances and improves the comfort of the wearers. Pick them to get the best support.


  • 100% Leather and synthetic
  • Rubber sole, memory foam insole
  • Cushion midsole
  • Famous for stylish, trendy and very comfortable
  • Midsole minimizes the effect of shock impacts


  • Minimal color option
  • Price is too high

3 Hoka Bondi 5 Women’s Running Shoes

This shoe is designed to run on hard surfaces. There is enough grip for running and such heavy movement. They are made of fabric. Hoka Bondi 5 Women’s Running Shoes – SS17 can be a great option for you. Because they are amazing.

Hoka Bondi 5 Women’s Running Shoes have a rubber sole. The Shaft is measured approximately 3 inches from the arch. There is a breathable mesh upper. This mesh upper provides a breathable environment. It is also keeping the wearer to keep cool and dry.

The shoe has a 3D Puff print frame. It gives a stylish look. It is lightweight and offers a secure fit for you. The ortholite insole of this shoe provides additional cushioning. They deliver arch support and durable comfort.

These best rocker sole shoes are Meta-Rocker. They help to get for an accurate roll through the gate cycle. With the EVA midsole, they provide essential low-profile cushioning. We hope you will get them comfy and supportive.


  • Breathable mesh upper provides a breathable environment
  • Keeping the wearer cool and dry.
  • 3D Puff Print frame lightweight and offers a secure fit.
  • Meta-Rocker – Helps for an accurate roll through the gate cycle.
  • EVA Midsole – Provides essential low-profile cushioning.


  • Size runs small
  • Not so comfortable for high arch

4 Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker

This is another best rocker bottom shoes from Skechers. Actually, they are making some of the best rocker shoes.  Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker is supremely comfortable rocker bottom shoe. They have a rubber sole designed to long last.

Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker is a 100% leather shoe. As leather is the most comfortable material, it offers you great comfort. There is kinetic wedge super-soft foam midsole in this shoe. It is designed to absorb shock along with the ability to provide the exercising effect.

The midsole has two-part. They are soft and firm density midsole. Both of them give maximum fitness benefits. They also give support and stability. The leather upper and breathable mesh panels deliver grip. You can get good traction in or out of the gym.

However, these best rocker sole shoes have only two colors. They are black and white. So, if you want to make a colorful one, there is no scope. They become more slippery in wet conditions. As an honest reviewer, we want to let you know all the demerits also. The choice is yours.


  • Two part soft and firm density midsole
  • Gives maximum fitness benefits, support, and stability
  • Athletic shoe with side logo applique and ghillie lace-up vamp
  • The supportive sole unit, padded tongue, and collar.
  • Kinetic Wedge super-soft foam midsole absorb shock and provide exercising effect


  • Only black and white in color
  • Too slippery in wet weather

5 Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat

This shoe allows you to work all day with proper comfort. They are not just working shoes. They are very much suitable for nurses, doctors and others who have to move all day. They can be said the best rocker sole shoes for their support.

The material of this women shoe is 100% leather. This soft leather shoe offers superior comfort in your working time. There is a cushioned flatform sole. It is topped with bright, soft patent-leather upper. The contrast stitching accents unique comfy.

The roomy toe box supports great to the rocker bottom. It provides ample room to move easily.  The memory foam footbed of this shoe anatomically correct insole. They are available at a low price. You can easily afford them from Amazon.


  • 100% leather upper with contrast stitching
  • Platform measures approximately 1.00 inch
  • Roomy toe box provides ample room
  • Memory foam footbed anatomically correct insole
  • A cushioned flatform sole is topped with a bright patent-leather upper in this vibrant Mary Jane.


  • Good shoes by color faded quickly
  • Bigger toe box

6 HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Arahi 2 Running Shoe

This is the second shoe from Hoka brand. This brand is designing rocker bottom running shoes properly. HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Arahi 2 Running Shoe is a great running shoe for rocker bottom. They have synthetic and mesh upper to ensure cushion.

There is a rockered midsole in this shoe. It is designed by engineering. It is designed to create a stable base of forefoot support. The shoe features a Hi-Abrasion lightweight rubber. It makes the shoe light to carry. It also strategically places for increased traction and durability so that you become safe.

The Arch-lock wings of this shoe is a different feature. It provides the necessary structure around the midfoot. The Ortholite Sockliner helps you with odor management. Your feet will get additional underfoot cushioning by this feature.


  • Rockered midsole design to create a stable base of forefoot support
  • Hi-Abrasion lightweight rubber increases traction and durability
  • Arch-lock wings provide necessary structure around the midfoot
  • Molded Ortholite Sockliner helps with odor management
  • Providing additional underfoot cushioning


  • The heel cup is not so cushy
  • Little bit expensive

7 Exersteps Men’s Whirlwind White Sneakers

Exersteps Men’s Whirlwind White Sneakers is not so popular. But they offer a good feature for rocker bottom. They are built with leather. The leather upper of this shoe gives a breathable movement. It allows air circulation to your foot.

The curved bottom of this shoe causes instability. It will help to stimulate muscle activity. The lightweight midsole is very much effective. It provides shock-absorbing quality to relieve the impact on hard surfaces.

The molded sock of this shoe provides long-lasting cushion and comfort. The non-marking sole offers great traction and durability.


  • The curved bottom causes instability
  • Stimulate muscle activity
  • Lightweight midsole is shock-absorbing to relieve the impact on hard surfaces
  • Molded sock provides lasting cushion and comfort
  • Non-marking sole provides traction and durability


  • Minimum color and design options
  • Ankle support is not proper

8 Propet Women’s Life Walker Shoe White 9 W

Propet Women’s Life Walker Shoe White 9 W is another best rocker bottom shoes. Propet makes their shoe to care for their customer’s health and feet. This shoe is made of leather. They are easy to use. They offer you a snug fit also.

Propet Women’s Life Walker Shoe White 9 W has a full-grain leather upper. It integrates with brushed nylon lining. There are a padded collar and tongue for a cushion. The external and internal heel counters of this shoe provide heel support.

The adjustable hook and loop closures give a perfect fit. You can get an adjust fitting. With a removable footbed, you can get the flexibility of use. They are true to size.


  • Leather, Rubber Outsole, padded collar and tongue
  • Full-grain leather upper with brushed nylon lining padded collar
  • Tongue External and internal heel counters
  • With removable footbed
  • Removable orthotic, EVA midsole


  • Difficult sizing
  • Not so versatile

9 Drew Shoe Men’s Force Athletic Walking Shoe

Drew Shoe Men’s Force Athletic Walking Shoe is a shoe of 100% leather. There is a synthetic sole. The leather upper of this offers comfort. It also provides breathability.

The two removable insoles of this shoe deliver optimal cushion. The tri-support insole is a different feature of this shoe. There is a built-in heel cushion pad.

It secures your heel movement from falling injuries. The shoe has a rocker bottom with wide shank. That’s why they become the best rocker sole shoes.


  • Synthetic sole, leather upper
  • Two removable insoles
  • Tri-Support insole
  • Built-in heel cushion pad
  • Rocker bottom with wide shank


  • Only black and white in color
  • Price is high

10 Altra Women’s Olympus 2 Trail Running Shoe

Altra Women’s Olympus 2 Trail Running Shoe is the last shoe on our list. But they are last but not least. They are made of 100% fabric and leather. With the rubber sole, they offer good durability.

These rocker bottom running shoes have a foot-shaped toe box. This lace-up running shoe is featuring a padded collar. They have a contoured footbed. It indicates that you can get proper stability. There is a dual-layer EVA midsole. It is built with an a-bound top layer.

The Vibram outsole of this shoe is added for traction. They have several color options. You can choose a shoe from these colors.


  • 100% Fabric and Leather
  • This is a lace-up running shoe
  • Featuring Foot Shape toe box, padded collar
  • 5-mm contoured footbed for stability
  • Dual-layer EVA midsole with  a bound top layer
  • Vibram outsole for optimal traction


  • Should be broken in
  • Size may vary

Before You Buy

Criteria To Evaluate The Best Rocker Bottom Shoes

There are some special features which can be used for choosing the best rocker shoes. You can always get more specialized help identifying these features, but they are all as following.


Rocker shoes are always stylish and can make you feel like you are the center of attention. They can be combined with any kind of garment you wish to wear either professional or leisure. Their outsole keeps on being colored to your tastes so that you can always rock when you are wearing them


This is a special part of the rocker shoes glory since most of the people are selecting them to feel a lot more comfortable during their tiring day at work. Rocker shoes are having more cushioning on the heel and foot curve areas which makes it easier for you to wear them for prolonged periods of time.


It is well appreciated that rocker shoes are among the most durable kind of footwear you can possibly find on the market. They are made of quality leather and textile to remain intact from the weather conditions for a long time. Then their outsole is rigid enough to withstand all the harsh situations you may be forced to undertake on a daily basis.

Arch Support

This is another key element for the success of rocker shoes. The support of the foot arches is being delivered through the smart lacing system that consists of a rubber band that embraces the arches. This exerts less pressure on the metatarsals and the painful feelings are finally gone.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques 1. What are the best rocker shoes?

Ans: Best rocker shoes are the ones making you feel a lot better when wearing them. They can combine both formal and casual use while they can be stylish at the same time. Precious examples could be the Brooks, Nikes, Timberland, Asics, Ortholine and Scholl’s shoes that are unique in delivering the most impressive rocker shoes.

Ques 2. Are rocker bottom shoes good for your feet?

Ans: Rocker shoes are creating a natural shield for your feet. They embrace both the ankle and the foot arches area giving you more space to move freely and reducing pain and inflammation.

Ques 3. Are rocker bottom shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

Ans: This kind of shoe applies to the relief of the plantar fasciitis painful syndromes. Swollen feet are eliminated due to the extra cushioning that the rocker shoes provide and of course the great insoles that follow the shape of your feet.

Ques 4. What do rocker bottom shoes do?

Ans: Rocker shoes are giving extra space for your toe fingers to move freely. This can make you a lot more stable when walking or standing. On the other hand, they provide extra care for your heels and foot curve and restore the normal anatomy of your feet.

Ques 5. Will rocker shoes benefit me?

Ans: Rocker shoes are here to make you feel better and improve your way of life. The overall quality of life is increased since you are pain-free all the time. Never again should you complain about swollen feet or inflammation. The removable insoles can also absorb sweat and improve your hygiene levels when training. These shoes are really impressive for most of the hard-working people of modern times.

Best rocker bottom shoes

Awesome List of 10 Best Rocker Sole Shoes


Prevention is better than cure. So before collecting any shoe, you should be aware of your comfort and support. Hopefully, these best rocker bottom shoes will offer you the proper support as well as flexibility. Pick them for your better movement and enjoy your daily life.

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