10 Best Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma 2022

Best Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma

One of the most persistent foot related problems has lately been identified as the Mortons neuroma. Finding the best shoes for morton’s neuroma can easily become a headache especially for people that are suffering from acute pain syndromes due to the constant touch of the soles to the footbed.

Mortons neuroma is a type of small non-malignant tumors developed on the metatarsal soft tissues and expanding to the side of the feet as well as the footbed area. These small tumors can easily affect the nerve endings in the feet and trigger lots of pain when the person suffering from the neuroma is walking or standing.

All the brand shoe manufacturers are continuously looking for improving their shoes to adapt to the special anatomy of the persons suffering from Morton’s neuroma. The shoes need to be redesigned to support the foot curve adequately so that less pressure is diverted to the soft tissues and as a result, less pain is felt.

This is high time we had a quick dip into the sea of the various brand shoes and examines thoroughly their features that can help you overcome all the Mortons neuroma provoked painful syndromes and feelings.

Our Top 5 Picks

10 Best Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma

1 Orthofeet Tahoe Black Women’s Athletic Shoes

Voted as the best shoes for neuroma these Orthofeet latest series shoes are the masterpiece of the modern footwear industry.

They have a great upper mesh and tongue that are made from special lightweight textile which significantly reduces the total weight of the shoes. The lacing system is once again the most successful part of the shoe being solid and easy to bend up.

The outsole is durable enough to stand intense use and the flexibility of the forefoot is guaranteed.


  • Feature premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support
  • Offers the best footwear solution for Morton’s neuroma
  • Lightweight sole with air cushioning softens step
  • Offers superior comfort and protection for sensitive feet
  • Comes with non-binding upper with extra cushioned design and wide toe box


  • Price rate is high
  • Limited color options

2 New Balance Women’s W1540V2 Running Shoe

This is one of the most impressive shoes that New Balance has recently presented to the public. It has been considered as one of the best shoes for rheumatoid arthritis that reduce the painful feeling in the majority of people wearing them.

It has a great aerodynamic shape that reduces the energy levels needed for movement. The insole keeps on being one of the softest available in the category, having extra cushioning for the sensitive areas of the foot arch and the heel that receive the most pressure.

The upper mesh and tongue are breathable and allow the airflow to reach the inner shoe, which is a function that adds on to the comfort of the user.


  • Offers breathable mesh panels with dual-density foam collar
  • Comes with lateral and medial rearfoot stability
  • Made of 100% synthetic upper for durability and comfort
  • Eligible for various medical care regarding foot
  • There is No-sew material application in this shoe


  • Not custom orthotic friendly
  • There is not an available color option

3 Orthofeet Avery Island Black Men’s Orthopedic Comfort Shoes

These are the traditional shoes of older people that have evolved to the best shoes for morton’s neuroma. They are simple structures mostly created by cork and leather and support adequately the foot arch and the heel areas where most pain syndromes are evolving.

There is no lacing system other than the leather stripes which can hold the foot attached to the sole and improve the gait. The insole is antimicrobial and can absorb excessive sweat and heat which is limiting the ability of the user to stand up and walk for long hours.


  • Features anatomical arch support as well as multiple cushioning layers
  • Improve alignment, enhance comfort by minimizing pain on the heel
  • Built with biomechanically engineering to remove stress on the joints
  • Help to enhance stability along with facilitating foot motion
  • Great for sensitive feet like Morton’s neuroma


  • Did not great for plantar fasciitis
  • High is really high to afford

4 Orthopedic Lake Charles Women’s Tie Walking Shoes

These are the shoes that make women feel more comfortable and less painful. The Orthofeet shoes are said to be the best women’s shoes for Morton’s neuroma since they gather all the great features that modern shoe technology has offered to the public.

The absence of a special lacing system is considered as a plus since the elastic upper mesh is more than enough to support the ankle and foot arch and enhance the stability of the user even at higher speeds.

The insole keeps on being soft and breathable with promoted air ventilation that cools down the feet after long hours of use. The upper mesh is ultra-thin and tender featuring a great shoe overall.


  • Made of full-grain leather which makes the shoe so comfy
  • Offers lightweight movement, soften steps and great support
  • Features soft and seam-free interior lining like padded with foam
  • A perfect one for who suffer from diabetes, plantar fasciitis and neuropathy
  • Built for special care to give relief in various foot pain


  • Price is started from 129 dollars to 749
  • Only black, white and brown color available

5 Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Sprint Men’s Athletic Shoes

These are the shoes mostly characterized as best shoes for morton’s neuroma since they can radically help people with painful syndromes to find their proper gait again.

They have a special shape that can give perfect balance with less effort. The thickness of the outsole and the uneven design are unique Sketchers characteristics that add on to the usefulness and comfort.

The inner part of the shoe is soft and durable having a special anti-sweating layer that can eradicate increased sweating from the feet at any time. The forefoot area keeps on being greatly spacey which is important for the agility of the user.


  • So much stylish with proper soft lining cushion and comfort
  • Instant pain relief technology helps to keep energetic
  • The padded with foam allows minimizing pressure on various joints
  • Excellent design with innovative comfort, flexibility, and traction
  • A perfect solution to get rid of foot pain


  • May feel hard and heavy in sometimes
  • May run large after a while

6 Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Wichita Women’s Diabetic Shoes

This is another revolutionary pair of shoes created by Orthofeet in order to meet requirements for people in constant metatarsal pain. They are called as the best shoes for neuroma sufferers by the reviewers who check on the innovations that Orthofeet has finally applied to its shoes to eliminate painful syndromes that torture the users while walking or standing.

There is extra cushioning applied to the heel and foot curve areas. Thus, the pressure is spread across the different anatomic structures of the foot and the root of pain is eradicated.

The upper mesh and tongue are breathable and attach firmly to the lacing system for better handling of the feet. The sockliner may accept external orthotics easily.


  • Amazing for the people of the constant metatarsal and neuropathic pain
  • Amazingly helpful to eliminate painful syndromes like Morton’s neuroma
  • The heel and foot curve areas contain an extra cushioning pad
  • The upper mesh and tongue are breathable and comfortable enough
  • The lacing system is attached firmly for better movement with pain


  • Not great fin arch support
  • Strap is short a bit

7 Orthofeet Gramercy Diabetic Shoes for Men

The Orthofeet shoes are meant to be the best shoes for morton’s neuroma eliminating pain in people with feet disorders. The well-known innovations of Orthofeet are applied to this particular pair of shoes giving more flexibility and agility to the users.

The gel insole gives more energy to the gait than the pressure against the road. In this way, there is no need for orthotics since the biomechanics of the feet are better served. The outsole has special lugs that increase grip at all times.

The cushioning is perfectly placed near the heel area to make a more attached pattern to the ankle and foot curve, which enhances the natural movement of the user.


  • Assist to eliminate pain for people with various feet disorders
  • This special shoe gives more flexibility and agility to the users properly
  • Comes with gel insole to give more energy to the gait
  • The outsole offers increased grip in many times
  • Great for knee pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, etc.


  • Only two colors available
  • Sizing may vary

8 Orthofeet Chelsea Proven Pain Relief Women’s Slip On Shoes

Orthofeet has always been a pioneer in special shoes where pain elimination has been the primary goal. This special edition is listed as the best men’s shoes for morton’s neuroma. People that suffer from neuroma may find beneficial this pair of shoes which incorporates all the latest technological trends that are desired from people in pain.

The upper mesh gives more area to the foot arch which in return gives less stretch to this point of the shoe and more liberty for the user. The insole has special cushioning that adequately supports the heel area where the pain starts. The pressure is easily spread all over the foot surface and the painful syndromes are soon eradicated.


  • Insole has a special cushion and adequate support
  • Features premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support
  • Offers excellent comfort along with protection for sensitive feet
  • Help to enhance stability, comfort, and grip at the same time


  • Problem in rubber sole
  • Not good for wide feet

9 Monterey Bay Black Tie-Less Lace Men’s Shoes

Once again Asics footwear company presents one pair of shoes that is considered to be one of the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma. The unique characteristics of the Monteray running shoes of Orthofeet give people with neuroma and other gait problems the chance to feel better while running.

Using innovative materials to manufacture these shoes, women could easily find the one that fits them the most. The lacing system remains basic but still can give significant levels of safety to the user. The insoles are interchangeable and make the difference for people who deal with Morton’s neuroma.


  • The company uses innovative materials to build it
  • Gives a sufficient amount of support in arch and heel
  • Helps to feel better for Morton’s neuroma
  • Insoles are so soft and comfy for pain relief
  • Lightweight, flexible and stable shoe


  • Not so versatile in design
  • May run small

10 ECCO Men’s Fusion Moc Oxford

Virtually one of the most fashionable shoes for women that ECCO has ever presented to the public. Still being one of the footwear adequate for Morton’s neuroma this pair of shoes have been given extra attention to match all the needs of men who wish to run albeit they suffer from feet deformities.

Their shape is dynamic to facilitate the flow of air and make the effort of the user a lot easier. The midsole is made of special material that takes the shape of the user’s feet so that extensive training could be easily performed.

The lacing technology makes it easier to put on the shoes and keep them attached to your feet since the new shoelaces that consist of thicker straps are keeping the upper mesh and tongue close to the feet at any time.


  • Comes with perforated leather lining which is unique
  • Offers removable ECCO comfortable Fiber System insole
  • Features a flexible and traction rubber sole for perfect padding and support
  • Synthetic sole makes it stable and durable
  • Good for quick movement with pain


  • Can make noise in some surfaces
  • Size may vary

Before You Buy

Criteria To Choose The Best Shoes for Neuroma


The first and foremost criteria to choose the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma is fit. The more you get the right fitting, the easier you feel to walk. You should collect a shoe which fits correctly. Enough toe room is also offered the best fitting. You can check out on the shoe’s website to get the details about any shoe. You can also get the right information about the shoe we reviewed.

Arch Support

Arch support is another consideration for Morton’s neuroma. You should choose a shoe which offers high arch support. You should collect a shoe which can give relief from your foot pain. It should minimize your stress on joints and feet also. Shock absorption can be offered if you get amazing arch support.

Sizing And Adjustability

It is more necessary to get a shoe with proper adjustment with your fit. A right size can give this feasibility. Some shoes have awesome support and comfort. But they have to lack adjustability. So, these shoes not for morton’s neuroma. Because they need a more adequate room with proper adjustment. It can make them easy to walk on even with their pain.

Wide Toe Box

This feature can give any foot pain sufferers comfort and the right amount of flexibility in movement. A roomy shoe with a wide toe box allows a user to minimize his/her pain. It also helps to become sweat-free. So, keep in mind this feature.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Ques 1. Do arch supports help Morton’s neuroma?

Ans: Yes, arch support is an important feature for the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma. By adding arch supports, you can keep yourself enough supportive. It can also help to reduce pressure and irritation. With the proper amount of support, you can minimize your foot pain. Again, arch support can keep you stable in your every step. So, collect a shoe with proper arch support.

Ques 2. Will Morton’s neuroma go away?

Ans: Basically, Morton’s neuroma cannot go away on its own. You must have taken some proper care and exercise to remove it. Do not make any extra pressure on your feet. Wear roomy and comfortable shoes every day.  It can gradually minimize your pain and help to go away.

Ques 3. Are Birkenstocks good for Morton’s neuroma?

Ans: Birkenstock has many products to help with painful feet like Morton’s Neuroma. They can be a great suggestion for their healthy footwear quality. Some of the best Birkenstock shoes are:  Birkenstock Birko Sport Arch Support, Birkenstock Arizona Slide Sandal, Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals in White, Birkenstock Arizona Slide Sandal, etc.

Ques 4. What shoes are good for Morton neuroma?

Ans: There are many shoes for Morton’s neuroma. The best shoes in the market are: Orthofeet Arch Support Shoes for Women Heel Pain Relief Bunions Diabetic Strap Athletic Sneakers, New Balance Women’s W1540V2 Running Shoe, Orthofeet Plantar Fasciitis Relief Arch Support Orthopedic Diabetic Men’s Casual Walking Shoes Avery Island, Orthofeet Arch Support Foot Pain Relief Orthopedic Diabetic Lace Up Loafers Women’s Shoes Lake Charles etc.

Awesome List of 10 Best Mortons Neuroma Shoes

Final Verdict :

Now you may feel more confident that you will finally find the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma that can take away all the painful syndromes from your feet. When using them regularly you will see the change in a matter of days.

Keep in mind that only quality shoes are capable to give you back the health levels you had before the feet disorders. You deserve only the best for an enhanced quality of life.

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