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If you’re looking for the best nonslip shoes, you’ve come to the right place. Shoes for Crews has been in the business of nonslip restaurant shoes for women and men since 1984—but their shoes don’t stop at the restaurant! Shoes for Crews has a variety of shoes for every need: work sneakers, casual sneakers, dress shoes, and more! Each of their shoes has been scientifically designed for optimum traction on slippery or wet surface while providing stylish, comfortable shoes. That’s why we’ve collected some Shoes for Crews reviews (we love saying that) for you to choose the best shoe for your next job, outing, or formal event.

Top 5 Picks

Buying Guide

When buying the best nonslip shoes for restaurant or food service work, you’ll want to know your shoe size well. Your shoe size can actually change over time, especially as you age, so you may want to grab a ruler and be sure of the exact measurements of your feet.

If you’re buying these shoes for work, you’ll also want to check with your employee manual (or ask your boss) to see the requirements. A few of our Shoes for Crews reviews below offer different colors, but many employers require black shoes for a consistent employee aesthetic.

Some of the biggest shoe complaints you’ll hear are about whether they’re comfortable to wear—but sometimes, these complaints are simply a matter of the wearer failing to break the shoe in. You never want to take a shoe directly from the box, onto your feet, and into work; it’s best to wear them around the house for a few days, or even go on walks with them, to ensure the padding and interior conforms to the shape of your foot.

You also need to be sure to consider your specific needs when buying a shoe:

  • Leather is more comfortable, but synthetic is water-resistant.
  • Some of the shoes below offer SpillGuard technology, which you should consider if you are often near dripping liquids (such as washing dishes or mopping floors).
  • If you need maximum traction, look for TripGuard and ZoneTraction technology.
  • A lightweight shoe may be more comfortable but less durable, so consider how likely these shoes are to get heavy wear.

Price should be the final consideration when buying a shoe. Remember, your feet are a vital asset at work, and it’s important that you keep them protected. Consider an expensive shoe to be an investment in the future comfort and safety of your shoe, or insurance against trips and spills that might otherwise put you out of work.

Top 8 Shoes for Crews Reviews

1. Men’s Condor Slip Resistant Food Service Work Sneaker

If you’re looking for nonslip restaurant shoes, you can’t go wrong with the Condor style by Shoes for Crews. These shoes are specifically designed to work in food service, and you can trust them; Shoes for Crews has delivered nonslip safety to employees in over 150,000 locations around the world due to its rubber sole. This leather shoe is ventilated for comfort (which makes it odor-resistant) and comes with a comfortable wide heel. Plus, retailing for $40-50, it is one of the most economical choices on our list.

However, this lower price tag may come with a tradeoff in durability; some reviewers suggested these shoes are not the sturdiest if you work on your feet 40 hours a week. Keep that in mind.


  • 100% leather with a nonslip rubber sole
  • Available in black or white
  • Low-top
  • Ventilated to keep your feet cool
  • Wide heel
  • Affordable (between $40-$50)


  • No steel toe
  • Not the sturdiest option if you work full-time on your feet

2. Men’s Freestyle II Slip Resistant Food Service Work Sneaker

Another great option for men’s nonslip restaurant shoes is this Freestyle II design. Once again, this shoe has been specifically designed for those who work in food service. Unlike the Condor, this design is 100% synthetic. That means it may lose a little comfort, but the synthetic material makes it water-resistant, so it will hold up a little better against spills or wet floors.

The Freestyle II contains Shoes for Crews’ exclusive TripGuard technology on their lug soles. A lug sole is a sole with indentations, which helps improve traction. But Shoes for Crews noticed that the bulky, square lugs were more of a tripping hazard, particularly when switching between hard flooring and carpeting, or slippery surfaces to nonslip surfaces. TripGuard makes their lug soles slightly curved and in a tighter pattern, so you still get all the benefits of a nonslip restaurant shoe with less of a likelihood of tripping.


  • 100% synthetic with nonslip rubber sole
  • Low-top; upper shoe is lightweight and durable
  • TripGuard technology in lugs


  • Not ventilated
  • May not be as comfortable as a leather shoe

3. Women’s Liberty Slip Resistant Food Service Work Sneaker

If you’re looking for a great women’s nonslip restaurant shoe, consider the Liberty by Shoes for Crews. This is another synthetic option (which makes it water-resistant), but it has a padded collar and tongue to ensure it will be comfortable. It repeats the TripGuard technology of the men’s Freestyle II, but it offers a little more ventilation (though still not as much ventilation as the men’s Condor).

However, the biggest advantage to this shoe is the ZoneTraction technology in the outsole (the part of the sole that touches the floor). ZoneTraction is a series of sole patterns that end up looking like a work of art, engineered to give you the ultimate nonslip experience.


  • 100% synthetic with nonslip rubber sole
  • Low-top with a padded collar and tongue for optimum comfort
  • TripGuard technology in lugs
  • ZoneTraction technology in outsole
  • Light ventilation


  • Only black
  • May not be as comfortable as a leather shoe

4. Men’s Cambridge Dress-Oxford Slip Resistant Work Shoe

These dress shoes just shout classy (or whisper it gently in your ear). They’re made of sleek black leather with a rubber sole. The footbed is lightly cushioned, the laces are sturdy, and it has a padded collar for extra comfort. (I kinda want to fall asleep in these shoes after reading that description.)

Obviously you aren’t going to want to wear these shoes if you’re working in food service (though it would impress the hell out of your boss); they’re not built for that kind of durability. But for other jobs where you need a nonslip work shoe that’s comfortable, elegant, and provides traction (maybe a restaurant manager?), these dress shoes are a great choice.


  • Sleek design for more formal work settings
  • Same nonslip soles as a traditional work shoe
  • 100% leather with a nonslip rubber sole
  • Padding in collar and footbed provide optimum comfort


  • You’ll want to shine these shoes regularly to keep that classy look
  • These shoes are obviously not designed for restaurant work

5. Women’s Vitality II Slip Resistant Work Sneaker

This is another synthetic entry to our list, perfect as a women’s nonslip restaurant shoe (but not limited to work in a restaurant). Like the other Shoes for Crews reviews we’ve given, this shoe features its nonslip rubber sole—and it comes in a lovely blue shade. (Check with your boss first to ensure they don’t prefer a black shoe.)

You’ve seen the TripGuard and ZoneTraction technologies in prior entries, but this nonslip work shoe has a new feature: a SpillGuard membrane. This protective internal coating doesn’t just keep your shoes cleaner and smelling better (have you ever spilled milk on a shoe? The smell is terrible!), but it adds a layer of protection from scalding liquids, keeping your feet safe. And when you’re working on your feet all the time, that’s an important kind of insurance.


  • 100% synthetic with nonslip rubber sole
  • Low-top
  • Available in black or blue
  • SpillGuard membrane
  • Cushioned insole (removable)


  • May not be as comfortable
  • While the mesh looks breathable, the spillguard technology underneath removes this potential benefit.

6. Men’s Cabbie II

Moving away from our synthetic or leather options, this men’s Cabbie II is made of lightweight, breathable leather. You still get the usual Shoes for Crews nonslip protection, but you don’t sacrifice the external protection that a synthetic or leather option might have. That’s because this shoe still has the SpillGuard membrane on the whole interior, making it a great option for nonslip restaurant shoes.

One downside to this shoe may be its sizing. At the time of writing, 62% of reviewers said these shoes fit as expected. Some seemed to think they’re a little snug, so you may want to try a half-size up. But so long as you find the right size, these shoes are comfortable and stylish. (And of course, it’s very important to break fabric shoes in; you usually want to wear them around the house several times before trying them on the job.)


  • Black fabric shoe with nonslip rubber sole
  • Padded collar and insole for extra comfort
  • SpillGuard membrane on whole shoe


  • May not fit as expected

7. Womens Energy II Athletic-Sneaker Low Slip Resistant Work Shoe

The Energy II is a great option for a women’s nonslip restaurant shoe, but its benefits don’t stop on the job. Because of this shoe’s unique wedge rocker heel, this shoe has excellent shock absorption—great for running! And this is along with the traditional Shoes for Crews slip resistant rubber soles, so you’ll be able to run without slipping. (Not that you should run around if you work in a kitchen, thank you.)

This is a silicon shoe, which usually means you trade off some comfort—but this shoe comes with extra cushioning throughout the whole interior, including the collar and tongue. That ensures this shoe will fit your foot like a gentle hug. Plus, it comes with SpillGuard technology to keep your feet nice and dry.

The one big downside? With all that extra cushioning and the extra shock-absorbing heel, these shoes look a little bulky. But who cares how they look when they’re keeping your feet so well-protected?


  • Black synthetic shoe with nonslip rubber sole
  • Heel specially designed to absorb shock
  • Extra cushion on the interior of the shoe
  • SpillGuard technology


  • Large sole and extra cushioning make this shoe bulky

8. Women’s Karina Casual-Slip On Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Our final entry in this list of Shoes for Crews reviews is unique in avoiding another work hazard: dragging laces! This shoe depends on fixed elastic laces, so you can just slip these shoes on and be ready for work. It also has a sleek synthetic exterior available in either black or white, and a neoprene bootie for interior comfort.

However, perhaps due to the availability of this shoe, it’s either the most or expensive shoe on this list, retailing between $35-90 depending on your color and size selection. Keep that in mind so that you can avoid any unexpected charges at checkout.


  • Available in both black and white
  • Smooth synthetic exterior with nonslip rubber sole
  • Slide-on; no tie-up laces
  • Low-top and lightweight
  • Neoprene bootie


  • Depending on your size and color, this is either the most or least expensive shoe on our list

Things to consider

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best shoe from this list of Shoes for Crews reviews:

Men’s or Women’s. For the most part, you’ll pick the appropriate shoe for your gender. However, if you’re looking for women’s non slip restaurant shoes and there’s a men’s shoe that fits your needs better, you can try converting the size by subtracting 1.5. In other words, a women’s size 9 is a man’s size 7.5. Simple!

Material. This is an important choice in nonslip shoes. A leather shoe will stretch to match the shape of your foot, and in general, this makes them a more comfortable option; however, all that stretching can also cause cracks in the leather. (Plus, who likes that musty wet-leather smell?)

A synthetic shoe won’t conform to your foot, which can make it a little less comfortable (breaking in your shoes is a must!), but it will last longer. Plus, synthetic shoes resist water better than leather shoes, which is important if you deal with a lot of food spillage or wet floors.

Or, for a very lightweight shoe, you could choose a stylish fabric. The only fabric shoe on our list is the Men’s Cabbie II.

Ventilation. Ventilation on a shoe can make it less water-resistant, but it will feel more breathable and help your feet stay cool. This also means your feet will sweat less, leading to less smelly shoes at the end of the day. Your mom will thank you.

Rubber Sole. A rubber sole is less likely to leave black streaks on the floor. Your boss will thank you—as will the person who cleans your tile floors at the end of the day! Luckily, all the great Shoes for Crews nonslip restaurant shoes below have a rubber nonslip sole.

Optional features. Shoes for Crews puts a lot of research into their shoe designs. From TripGuard which makes you less likely to trip, to ZoneTraction—an advanced traction design for the ultimate nonslip shoe—to advanced SpillGuard technology, Shoes for Crews has it all. Keep in mind your specific needs as you read our Shoes for Crews reviews.


What are the best slip-resistant work shoes?

Any of these Shoes for Crews options are a fantastic choice for nonslip restaurant shoes. But the first entry on our list, the Men’s Condor shoes, are a classic choice. Their ventilation and leather exterior will keep them comfortable and breathable; they’re available in either black or white; they offer the same fantastic traction you’ll find in any shoe on this list. However, if you’re looking for something specific (like a slip-on shoe, SpillGuard technology, extra traction, TripGuard technology, or a breathable fabric), we have included many unique options for you to find the best nonslip work shoes for your job.

How long do Shoes for Crews last?

This depends on the particular shoe. Synthetic shoes tend to last longer than leather or fabric shoes—up to several years. However, it’s important that you don’t skimp on replacing your shoes when they begin to exhibit signs of wear. Poor support for your feet while you work can cause a host of medical problems later in life.

Are Shoes for Crews true to size?

In general, yes—though this also depends on the shoe in question. Amazon has a great feature where customers rate how well their shoes fit. The worst performer was the Cabbie II, which fit for 62% of customers; at best, the Women’s Karina shoe fit 100% of customers as expected!

We hope these Shoes for Crews reviews have equipped you with all the information you need to buy your next pair of nonslip restaurant shoes. A quality nonslip shoe is an investment for your feet and for your prosperity in your job. Be sure you’re getting the best shoe for your money and you’ll keep your feet comfortable and happy for a long time to come.

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