10 Best Insoles for Shoes That are Too Big

Best Insoles for Shoes That are Too Big

One of the most important things when purchasing shoes must be the insoles. These pieces of cloth and fiber are there to ensure the proper grip of your footbed to the internal part of your shoes.

This is the time that you found the best insoles for shoes that are too big, especially when you have limited means and zero time to change them. Time for the switch is not always available and you should carefully check all requirements by shoe manufacturers.

Sometimes shoes can be bigger than your actual size and the right removable insoles can easily give you the solution to this problem. Stay tuned for even better advice concerning insoles and their correlation to bigger sized shoes.

Why Do You Need To Wear an Insole?

Insoles are the part that comes into direct touch with your feet. Either you are opting out to wear socks or not your feet are not supposed to touch directly the outsole. That is why modern brands have always been using removable insoles to provide a better application for the user as well as extreme comfort.

Insoles are usually absorbing all pressures coming from mild impacts to the ground and thus are necessary for any modern type of footwear. They are usually made of high-quality fabric and can be easily removed, washed and rinsed.

They also have waterproof abilities giving you an option to absorb excessive sweating when training. Insoles are capable to deactivate the harmful influence of microbes and germs in your feet using their anti-bacterial layers.

Better hygiene, ultimate application, and more comfort are the top reasons you should always wear insoles.

Benefits of Using Shoe Insoles

There are many benefits associated with the use of removable shoe insoles. First, you feel a lot more comfortable in your shoes when walking, training or even standing. They can absorb all the external pressures and shocks and relieve the pain you are feeling instantly.

Moreover, insoles are able to give you the right fit especially when you have chosen the wrong size of shoes. Bigger shoes are always requiring top-quality insoles that will restore the right size for you.

Additionally, insoles are securing your footbed to be in constant touch to the cushioning of the outsole. This can be extremely important when you are performing sports and need to have a direct touch with your shoes at any given time.

Finally, insoles make you look a lot healthier and happier in your shoes. You can forget about all pain associated with walking when you are placed on the most competent insoles.

Feature of a Good Insole

Good insoles are remarkably easier to be found today that competition has been hard for all brands. The features of these insoles may include:

  • Soft top to reduce friction with the footbed
  • Micro-fibers to absorb the excessive sweat efficiently
  • Anti-microbial layer for better hygiene
  • Elevated forefoot and heel areas for increased comfort
  • Excellent touch with outsole gives you the grip you want

All these features can reassure you that you are always having the best insoles available on the market to be placed on your own fit. Forget about shoes that are not adequate for use since they are bigger than your size. Insoles can give you the solution to your existing problems and ease your daily pain.

Our Top 5 Picks

Best Insoles for Shoes That are Too Big

1. Powerstep Original Orthotics-U Shoe Inserts

This is one of the best insoles for shoes that are too big and can help you reduce the pain associated with wearing shoes that vary in size.

They are made from polypropylene being exclusively constructed in the United States for better quality. These insoles have shown tremendous arch support that helps you find flexibility and stability like never felt before.

There is also no need to trim them as they fit in any type of shoes. A heel cushioning is also applied to help relieve the shock felt when touching uneven terrains.

Finally, these insoles are equipped with a Dual Layer Cushioning with VCT protecting your footbed when running or standing.

2. Superfeet BLUE Insoles Unisex

Another great type of insoles that are registered as one of the best insoles for boots that are too big giving a solid solution for such an annoying and persistent problem that all of you have been dealing with.

Insoles are made from high-quality foamy material which can take the form of the feet and offer you extra comfort. It can give you a medium profile letting a lot of space for your feet inside the shoes.

There is also a stabilizer cap that is existent to eliminate problems referring to structural and supportive issues.

Insoles are also having a super feet shape which puts support in the exact area that is needed.

Finally, the foamy layer gives more comfort to the user, especially after long hours of use.

3. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles

These multicolored insoles are said to be the best insoles for shoes that are too big given the fact they are manufactured to perfection.

Being colored yellow and black they can be easily distinguished from other brands. They have all their parts imported for higher quality.

Additionally, their synthesis is made of four anti-microbial layers that prevent the creation of blisters and control the odor.

They are made of lightweight polyurethane materials that shoe extreme endurance to temperature and pressure.

Finally, they are great for half sizes and can easily leave more vacant room for your feet when wearing them in bigger shoes.

4. Sof Sole High Arch

These are the insoles with major impact on the younger users due to their extreme coloring as well as their innovative shape. They are registered as the shoe inserts for shoes that are too big, and they are very successful in providing vast support to your most sensitive parts of your footbeds.

They are made of nylon textile and can be easily removed and washed. There are special cushioned sports for your foot curve and toe fingers so that pressure from terrains is gradually absorbed.

These insoles require virtually zero trimmings and leave plenty of room for your feet filling up the gap left from the bigger sized shoes.

5. Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole

Made from a quality brand these insoles represent the latest trends in the shoe industry. They are considered to be the best insoles for shoes that are too big giving you enough room for your feet when wearing them in the right way.

They have the Ortholite design giving you more comfort than any other insoles tried so far. Imported and synthetic made insoles which can give you the best anti-microbial protection you have ever imagined.

Equipped with special anti-fatigue technology applied in the heel and foot curve areas for better touch to the ground. Insoles are proudly worn for everyone to see their brand and admire.

Better used with socks and can easily adjust to the sockliner for greater application to the swore feet. Really the insoles of your dreams!

6. Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch Orthotic Insert

Some of the greatest insoles that you could possibly ask for. They are included in the list of the best insoles for tennis shoes since they are slim-profiled and can leave a lot of room for your feet.

They have imported parts to ensure proper quality and their stabilizer cap supports rearfoot and gives extra care to the heel area. There is also a Superfeet shape that can apply to all kinds and sizes of the footbed.

Their colors remain unbeatable by the competition which is all trying to imitate the brand’s innovations.

Finally, the extreme passion that these insoles give to the user is offering a unique sense of comfort and confidence that can make him outperform and never think of his oversized shoes.

7. Dr. Scholl’s HEAVY DUTY SUPPORT Pain Relief Orthotics

A well-established brand in the sector of the innovative insoles that have been said to belong to the best insoles for shoes that are too big to wear. Insoles are placed in a secure nylon container to keep them clean and dust-free until the time you unleash them to the air.

They have tiny holes on their surface so that they can adjust the temperature of your feet and at the same time make you get more hygiene active when wearing them. They also have an extra cushioned heel area to protect you from possible injuries and relieve you from back pain.

Finally, these insoles are the one and only that offer a money-back guarantee to persons having tried them for an extended period of time and were not satisfied.

8. Samurai Insoles Instant Relief Orthotics for Flat Feet

The Samurai insoles are the first of their kind to promote the flat profile. They are among the best for people that have bought oversized shoes and especially models which are a lot bigger than normal ones.

Their color is red and can be distinguished by any other insole on the market. They have special cushioning in the heel and foot curve areas and also get more attention from people that are watching you wearing your shoes.

Flexibility and durability are their strong points. They can stay intact no matter how heavy you are or how often you wash and rinse them. These insoles are also leaving a lot of room for your feet and toe fingers to move so that you don’t feel entrapped in your own shoes.

Finally, Samurai insoles are the only ones with 4-layer antibacterial protection to give you great hygiene levels at a minimal price.

9. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s ATHLETE Performance

One of the most revolutionary insoles you have even seen. These are the ones that are mostly used by athletes across the world since they have a lot more space for their feet when they are swollen or injured.

These insoles are breathable giving more temperature adjustment to the inner feet. They can be removed and washed easily using only one hand. Their colors are unbeatable and can give you a great appearance compared to your friends and colleagues.

You can rest reassured that their structure can absorb all external shocks and impacts and give you comfortable conduct any time you are stepping on them.

Finally, Sof has managed to give you quality insoles in a fraction of the price that you would possibly pay for them. It’s innovation that wins the game.

10. Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support Full Length Shoe Insoles

Another perfect type of insoles that integrates all the latest technology inside. The microfibers are making the insoles more resistant and absorbent to your excessive sweating.

That means you only get the necessary amount of friction with the outsole and the ground to get you further away. Better grip and balance are also guaranteed when wearing these insoles.

The front foot area is more cushioned to give you elevation and movability to the toe fingers that are usually suppressed by conventional shoes.

Finally, these anatomic insoles can give you perfect relief from any type of muscle skeletal pain and reorganize your anatomy so that you can find the perfect position to stand or walk.

List of 10 Best Insoles for Too Big Shoes


Insoles keep on being some of the most important parts of your appearance. Even though they are not visible by your friends, the expert’s eye can tell when you are wearing a good insole or not.

Most of them keep you safe and dry all the time, by increasing the airflow through your shoes. Be the master of your insoles and forget about bigger shoe problems and pain relievers.

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