10 Best Shoes For Waitressing in 2019

Best Shoes For Waitressing

Today there is a great need for quality shoes that can be used in demanding professions such as waitressing. Being a waitress needs to enhance physical and mental skills that can only be achieved if you follow certain rules and have the right equipment. A waitress needs to be agile, swift and accurate.

The best shoes for waitressing are those who integrate most of the stability and safety benefits that other types of shoes already have as a standard. This could be harsh for waitresses that need to be constantly running through the restaurant to serve the customers and have the chance to relax their feet for the over-pressure and exhaustion.

Many shoes manufacturers are claiming to have the shoes that will change once and for all the fatigue story that most of the waitresses can easily say for their lives. Many of the new series of footwear for waitresses incorporates special characteristics that make them durable and desirable by more and more persons worldwide.

Shoes have become more durable and a lot more affordable than in the past and each waitress could easily have multiple pairs to increase her comfort and level of acceptance by the others. Let’s check what are the innovative solutions that brand shoe companies are proposing to the waitresses’ public.

10 Best Shoes For Waitressing

1 Skechers for Work Women’s Soft Stride-Softie Lace-Up

Things We Like:

  • The perfect 100% leather appearance that is stylish and waterproof.
  • Affordable pricing making it feasible to purchase them from any waitress.
  • The synthetic sole gives more durability and stability to the user.
  • There is also a removable contoured PU insole that enhances hygiene and heat restoration in the shoes.
  • The special outer lugs of the outsole provide a perfect grip and prolonged flexibility.

Skechers has always been a great sneakers brand name that offers more benefits to people that work in standing or walking positions like waitresses.

The best shoes for waitresses have finally met their candidate in the form of these Soft-stride shoes which offer a stylish and fashionable appearance that attracts the attention.

The upper mesh and tongue are made of lightweight fabric that reduces the weight of the shoes at an unprecedented level. Moreover, the insoles are equipped with extra heel support which absorbs all the abnormal pressure coming from rough terrains and makes walking an easy job.

2 Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Pro Work Shoe

Things We Like:

  • The existence of a slip-resistant outsole gives extra safety to the user.
  • The Merrell air cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability which is crucial for waitresses.
  • The SureGrip outsole seems the perfect addition for enhanced grip and traction.
  • There is also a breathable mesh lining which can attach orthotics anytime.

Merrell shoe industry has made it easy to introduce a pair of revolutionary shoes to show the way to the working people. Listed as the best shoes for a waitress to wear these shoes are unique in shape and way of attaching to the feet.

The absence of the upper mesh and tongue make it easier for the foot arch to fit in the shoe and uses the body weight to have a better grip while walking. The inner shaft is made of soft tissue which is hypo-allergic and creates a warm sense while walking.

There is also an innovative insole that has extra cushioning in the heel and foot curve areas where most of the pressure is equally divided for enhanced comfort.

3 Easy Spirit Women’s Piers Walking Shoe

Things We Like:

  • The upper mesh remains breathable, made of lightweight materials.
  • The outer layers are made of quality authentic suede which makes the shoes waterproof.
  • Great affordability in pricing. Virtually the cheapest pair of shoes in the category.
  • The heel area is assisted with special cushioning to ensure proper posture and eliminate any pain associated with constant walking or standing.

A newcomer in the shoe industry, the Easy Spirit, has created lost of talks when it presented the last series of working shoes specially addressed to the waitresses. Voted as the best shoes for waitressing they incorporate all the benefits that a constantly moving person would like to enjoy from his footwear.

They are softer than any other competitor winning in the field of comfort and style. They come in various sizes and colours, to match any individual need and taste.

The outsole is made of special rubber material, that shows stiffness and durability while being flexible to enhance the overall mobility of the user. The insole keeps on being replaceable to improve the hygiene and assist in the thermal decompression of the feet.

4 Klogs Footwear Women’s Springfield Polyurethane Chef Clog

Things We Like:

  • Made of polyurethane material it is widely waterproof and soft.
  • It is completely made in the USA using imported parts which ensures the overall quality.
  • It is equipped with a removable, latex-free, antimicrobial and odour resistant insole which is unique among the competition.
  • The uniquely designed outsole is slip-resistant, oil-resistant and shock absorbing which is crucial for the mobility of the user.

Being one of the newest entrances in the list of the cute waitress shoes, Klogs pair of shoes have the ambition to be the leader in style and fashion. Their shape keeps on being revolutionary and helps the constant movement around the workplace.

The insole is easily replaced which is perfect for ensuring proper hygiene and better ventilation of the feet. The inner shaft is made of special textile that absorbs the excessive sweat giving thermal balance to the feet.

The existence of a rubber outsole makes it easier to hold a steady grip on slippery terrains and make it easier to walk through the enhanced flexibility that can easily offer.

5 SR MAX Rialto Women’s Black Slip Resistant Athletic Sneaker

Things We Like:

  • There is a special EVA midsole that adds on to the comfort of the user.
  • Special prices for waitresses. Widely affordable pair of shoes.
  • The nylon mesh gives a lighter profile and enhances breathability and airflow within the shoes.
  • The MaxTrax slip resistant outsole is the number one benefit of the shoes, which can ensure proper grip at all terrains.

The SR MAX Rialto Women pair of shoes have the traditional Italian character which gives them extra points in style and fashion among the competition.  Being one of the best shoes for waitressing, this particular pair of shoes has a smart lacing system to keep the anatomical parts of the feet closer than ever before.

The upper mesh and tongue increase the breathability and reduce the total weight of the shoe since they are made out of special lightweight materials. The insole offers great support to the heel area that helps waitresses standing all day with no painful syndromes.

The outsole is durable enough to undergo miles of constant walking and standing while providing more traction and grip than ever before.

6 Townforst Cheryl Slip Resistant Waitress Shoes

Things We Like:

  • The padded collar, cushioned insoles, quality materials offer comfort, durability, and safety to the user.
  • A great fashion style: You can look good on and off work and thus you can be reassured to find a style of your taste with a wide style selection from top shoe brands.
  • The existence of a Sunbrella Water Resistant Fabric Upper makes the shoes more breathable.
  • A plethora of designs and colours match any taste.

This innovative type of shoes are the most adequate ones for the waitressing profession. Being some of the non-slip waitress shoes of choice, they can be found virtually anywhere in the world and make the life of waitresses less painful.

Their inner shaft is made of special material that improves breathability. The insole has a special anti-bacterial layer which is crucial for the feet hygiene. The outsole remains solid even after several months of intense use and offers increased grip and perfect traction in all possible floor types.

7 Skechers Women’s, Ghenter Bronaugh Lace up Work Shoes

Things We Like:

  • An asymmetrical sole is applied for a bio-mechanic fit that is the root of pain for waitresses.
  • The outsole is Walk Trac patented and has innovative lugs that attach to the road surface for ultimate grip and traction.
  • The pricing is really affordable and Sketchers can claim to be bought virtually by anyone.
  • There is a visible rearfoot grid system that provides extra cushioning and stability while walking or running.

This perfect and imaginary pair of shoes is finally a reality for all of us and belongs to the Sketchers company. The Ghenter Bronaugh series is meant to become the best shoes for waitressing that is one of the toughest professions a woman could ever pursue.

These series are specially designed to meet men expectations while walking and standing. They are aiming in the enhancement of performance using the special lugs of the outsole. The aerodynamic shape of the shoes plays also an important role in the energy required to perform quick walking, which in that case is reduced for the Ghenter Bronaugh series users.

8 Townforst Women’s Slip and Oil Resistant Jess Work Shoes

Things We Like:

  • The shoes provide shock absorption,friction-free condition and extra hours of comfort with its lightweight flexible mid-sole and cushioned insoles.
  • They are flexible and lightweight and the Jess features a cushioned foam footbed for maximum comfort.
  • The genuine leather upper has stitched accents, while the patented Townforst outsole helps keep you on your feet.
  • The presence of a rubber slip oil resistant sole adds on to the grip and traction of the user.

This pair of shoes is by far the most original presented in the category. Made of quality leather is one of the cute waitress shoes that every servant would love to wear while working at a restaurant.

The absence of upper mesh and special lacing system gives more freedom to the foot arch to move with the rest of the leg and this could be energy saving.

The outsole is ultra-resistant to external pressures and can adequately support the foot curve and heel area that is mostly affected by walking and standing.

9 Skechers for Work Women’s Eldred Shoe

Things We Like:

  • The combination of textile and synthetic leather create a valuable pair of shoes capable to wear it on all occasions.
  • The midsole provides the necessary bounce back and cushioning properties that enhance comfort and durability.
  • The redesigned upper induces a multi-directional stretch mesh which can adapt to the athlete’s foot, offering him a unique fit.
  • The Heel Support System Technology provides an exoskeletal heel counter that improves support and creates a heel fitting environment which eliminates walking related pain.

One of the most fashionable shoes that Sketchers has ever presented to the public. Being one of the best shoes for waitressing the Eldred shoes incorporate all the technologies to make people who work as waitresses to forget about their painful experiences while walking or standing.

The forefoot area is completely redesigned to make more room for the user’s fingers and improve stability while walking. The redesigned heel support system has enough cushioning and springs to support the extra pressure coming from the road. Finally, the foam materials of the upper mesh and midsole add on the comfortability and easiness of use for these particular pair of shoes.

10 Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog

Things We Like:

  • There is a padded instep collar for extra comfort.
  • The existence of a roomy reinforced toe box allows toes to move comfortably with plenty of 'wiggle room.'
  • The removable, leather-lined dual-density PU footbed with memory foam is adequate for optimal arch support and cushioning.
  • The PU midsole with slip-resistant rubber outsole suitable for dry, wet and oily/wet surfaces is perfect to ensure proper grip.
  • The anti-fatigue rocker bottom sets feet in a forward motion for shock absorption and energy return in every step taken by the waitress.

Being the most bizarre pair of shoes presented in the category of the most comfortable shoes for waitressing, the Dansko shoes are well-known for their comfort and durability.

They have a special dynamic shape that enhances the constant movement from table to table in restaurant premises. The outsole is equipped with greater lugs that enhance the gripping ability and are also silent enough in order not to disturb the customers.

The insole is softer than all the competition and has a special anti-thermal layer that diffuses inner heat to the environment making it easier to stand in these shoes for longer shifts.

Awesome List of 10 Best Waitressing Shoes


Finding the best shoes for waitressing is very simple but it certainly is a challenging task. Not all shoes are appropriate for every female user and their abilities have to be thoroughly compared so that you can enjoy a pain-free work shift in a hard-working place such as the restaurant.

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