10 Best Shoes for Treadmill 2022

Best Shoes for Treadmill

Since exercise has been a regular part of our life there are multiple gyms that are offering the newest versions of treadmills that are necessary for aerobic training. The best shoes for treadmill can become a real challenge if you don’t know exactly what type of support you need in the soft tissue of the feet and have special heel problems that interfere with your stability and normal gait.

The brand shoes companies have recently presented many new series of athletic shoes that are capable to give you extra grip and traction while running on a treadmill. This type of exercise differs a lot from regular running since it is performed on a special rubber belt that is moving towards our direction and cannot stop unless we press some special button.

That means the shoes you choose to wear when you are exercising on a treadmill should be durable enough to give you extra long-distance boost and can react immediately with any change in the speed or the direction posed by the treadmill.

Now the time has come to finally check on all the various shoes that the industry has to offer for treadmill running. You will choose the one that better fits your needs.

Our Top 5 Picks

10 Best Shoes for Treadmill Walking & Running

1 Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Lace-Up Walking Shoe

A perfect women’s all seasons athletic pair of shoes that comes from a reputable manufacturer like Sketchers. It is listed as one of the best shoes for treadmill walking since it gathers all the benefits you are looking for a pair of shoes like that.

First, it has a happy appearance with great imprints and colours on the surface that will make you the center of attention. The insole remains soft and supportive to the heel and foot curve area so the undergoing pressures from the treadmill are equally divided to the whole foot.

The outsole keeps on being durable and is made of special rubber alloy to stay intact no matter how harsh the weather conditions could become. The lugs are bigger than ever and can offer you a better grip on slippery surfaces and enhance your personal levels of safety.


  • Made of 100% mesh fabric with a synthetic sole
  • Lightweight shoe with the soft insole to offer to cushion
  • Comes with a soft and supportive heel for treadmill
  • Rubber outsoles are so durable and offer better grip
  • lugs are big for offering enhanced support and protection


  • Size may vary to you
  • May run large

2 Saucony Women’s Kinvara 9 Running Shoe

The Saucony producer is one of the most reliable companies around the globe, with great expertise on shoes for training. Categorized as one of the best treadmill shoes this pair of shoes is really gathering all the benefits you want from your athletic footwear.

They are made of special lightweight materials that give extra freedom to the user. Their removable insole makes it easier to enhance your hygiene during training sessions. The sockliner can be easily attached to any external orthotics device.

The outsole keeps on being durable and the upper mesh and tongue are cooperating with the lacing system to keep the consistency of the ankle and heel area when running on a treadmill.


  • Made of a combination of textile and synthetic material
  • EVERUN top sole offers extra freedom to move
  • Woven heel support gives the proper heel movement
  • EVA midsole makes the shoe comfortable and super
  • removable insole makes easy to enhance your comfort


  • Upper is more secure than inner
  • Price is a little bit high

3 Adidas Originals Men’s Cf Racer Tr Running Shoe

This top-rated shoe for men public from Adidas offers great comfort to the wearer. Listed as the best shoes for treadmill with integrating all the latest technological innovations that make your shoes wearable in the next decade.

They have breathable lightweight upper mesh and shaft the ensures the proper ventilation of the feet under any conditions. The outer layer is waterproof making it impossible to receive rain waiter while training.

The insole has a special anti-microbial layer for better hygiene and the cushioning system embraces the heel and foot arch areas to diminish pressures coming from the treadmill while training.


  • Best shoes for treadmill with integrated latest technology
  • Comes with breathable lightweight upper mesh
  • Upper of the shoe ensures the proper airflow
  • The outer layer is waterproof and allows to use in rain
  • Offers special anti-microbial layer to keep protected


  • Minimal color and design options
  • Size may vary from width to narrow feet

4 Adidas Originals Women’s Swift W Running Shoe

The new Adidas athletic pair of shoes has been thoroughly scrutinized to offer the user more adequate protection and comfort while running on treadmills. Considered to be one of the best sneakers for treadmill the Adidas footwear gives fashionable solutions for any possible training activity.

The outer textile layer is stylish and water resistant. The insole keeps on being soft and supportive to the foot curve and heel areas that accept a lot of pressure from the moving treadmill. The outsole is durable and flexible enough, giving extra room for the forefoot area and increased mobility to the toe fingers.

The midsole has a special foamy material that can easily take the shape of the feet and enhance the comfort levels of the user when running.


  • Features knit upper, metallic yarn embroidery of adidas
  • Woven tongue label takes extra care for your tongue
  • Comes with sock-like construction for perfect and snug fit
  • Soft textile lining is added for comfort and flexibility
  • TORSION SYSTEM can improve midfoot integrity


  • Not available color options
  • Price rate is high

5 New Balance Men’s 890v6 Running Shoe

The New Balance shoes are well known for their premium quality and their features that pose them high in the list of best shoes for treadmill that is a type of training chosen by millions of people worldwide.

Their shape is unique among competition offering extra style and comfort for any user and any type of use either walking, running or training. The upper mesh and tongue give extra support to the foot arch and the lacing system ensures the proper adjustment and fit of the shoes.


  • REVlite Midsole is the special feature of New Balance
  • Comes with comfortable bootie construction hugging arch
  • No-sew material application is seen in this shoe
  • The removable insert provides the flexibility to use this shoe
  • Engineered mesh upper improves sleek and comfort movement
  • Provides a responsive as well as quick underfoot feel


  • Not good for high arches
  • Problem in the toe portion

6 Brooks Women’s Ghost 11

The famous Ghost series are by far the most successful sneakers that Brooks manufacturer has presented to the public lately. They are characterized as best sneakers for treadmill since they can help people to perform their daily treadmill training with no pain and discomfort while exercising.

The upper mesh and tongue are made of quality fabric that absorbs the excessive sweating and makes more hygiene conditions for the inner side of the shoe. The midsole is attaching firmly to the upper and lower sole layers to give stiffness and soft touch to the feet of the user.


  • Helps people to complete their daily treadmill training comfortably
  • Offers no pain and discomfort while you are working on the treadmill
  • Quality upper mesh and tongue can absorb excessive sweating
  • Sole layers give stiffness and soft feelings the user
  • Built with smart technologies to provide proper fit


  • Small toe box area
  • They may make noise

7 Brooks Men’s Launch 5

The Brooks company is constantly creating high-quality shoes for runners that prefer to train on treadmills in order to ease the feeling of pain in everyday use. Being the best shoes for treadmill for many people who are reviewing them online they incorporate all the latest technologies that you could possibly ask for.

Their insole is a state-of-the-art technological innovation that absorbs all adverse forces coming from the road and give extra support to the foot curve which helps in the liberation of the pressing symptoms and the endurance in training.

The outsole gives more grip than ever before and the heel support system makes up for enhanced comfort while walking or running.


  • Creating high-quality comfort for runners and workers
  • A durable, soft and breathable shoe for daily uses
  • Their insole can absorb all adverse forces of hard surfaces
  • Helps to enhance support and minimize various foot pain
  • Outsole gives proper grip with heel support for treadmill


  • Heel design is poor
  • Not so good for running

8 ALEADER Women’s Lightweight Mesh Sport Running Shoes

The most exotic pair of athletic shoes that you can possibly purchase and help you to the injury problems that you may suffer from. The shoes are believed to be high in the list of Best running shoes for treadmill and their features advocate positively for this statement.

The ALEADER company always produces quality shoes that are meant for intense use and can offer comfort and style to the user. The cushioning system is unique and can give a great attachment to the heel and ankle.

The insole is one of the softest you can find in athletic shoes and the shape of the foot curve is adequately followed to make you more power when running on treadmills.


  • Double mesh upper offers awesome breathability
  • Enough durable for hard surfaces and heavy working time
  • Comes with strong lace up to give full support
  • Cushioned insole adds extra comfort and protection
  • Hydro-grip outsole gives optimal traction with stability


  • Stylish but not so durable
  • Arch support is not proper enough

9 NIKE Men’s Tanjun Sneakers

The Nike brand name is among the most reputable in the market of special running shoes for persons who prefer to train on treadmills for prolonged hours. Considered as the best shoes for treadmill, the Nike Tanjun shoes are adequate for walking and running and can be the best companion to the everyday activities.

The outsole is their prime advantage that is made out of special lugs that attach firmly to the ground and create extra friction, especially in slippery roads. The insole gives an essence of comfort and extra endurance while running on the treadmill belt, taking the shape of the feet.


  • Features breathable textile upper to offer comfort
  • A foam midsole and outsole give lightweight cushioning
  • The outsole unit can absorb shock to keep daylong comfort
  • Midsoles are durable enough to give proper inner comfort
  • Injected unit soles are awesome for extra support


  • Outsole is very hard which sometimes hurt
  • Not for width feet

10 Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

A really innovative pair of shoes that Sketcher is proud of presenting to the public. It is considered by reviewers to be among the best treadmill running shoes since it accumulates all the positive technologies that you may ask from your athletic shoes.

The midsole is perfectly balanced and consists of lightweight foamy material that can follow the shape of the feet and make your treadmill experience more entertaining and joyful. There is an extra cushioned area of support in the insole that adequately holds the heel and foot curve area protecting them from extra pressure during shocks or falls.

Finally, the upper mesh and tongue are strongly attached to the foot arch since there is no lacing system required and they can reassure that the shoes are going to follow the feet under any speed.


  • Comes with breathable mesh for cooling movement
  • Lightweight shoe made of mesh fabric upper
  • Features memory fit design, memory foam padding
  • Deliver perfect heel support with synthetic stabilizing heel panel
  • Offer flexibility and mobility for a responsive ride experience


  • Not for long shifts
  • Not so durable for heavy workouts

Criteria To Evaluate

The Best Treadmill Running Shoes

The main features for the best shoes for treadmill are described below. Read them carefully to get the best shoe.


Weight is an important feature that can allow the user to walk easily.  A place with a huge rush like treadmill needs a lightweight shoe. A weighted shoe makes extra pressure on your foot. That’s why weight lies an important role when you are on a treadmill. Running or walking on a treadmill is not so comfortable because there are many rush and hassle there. A lightweight shoe can make you free and easy to work on a treadmill. So, pick a lightweight shoe.


As treadmill is a workplace where you have to work with heavy engines or heavy products. Sometimes, you have to carry some heavy objects. So support is the next feature that you should look for. To collect the best shoes for treadmill, arch support is very necessary. Ankle support and heel support are also important. You should keep in mind that the more you get support, the more you work on the treadmill.


In treadmill, there is more heat rather than any other workplace. And if you have sweaty feet, it will be a serious discomfort. For this reason, you need a breathable shoe. Proper airflow can minimize your fatigue also. You can stay sweat-free in your workplace. The upper of the shoe takes responsibility for air circulation. So, try to choose a shoe with a comfortable upper with breathable material.


Actually, cushioning is such a feature that is needed in every type of shoes. Men wear shoes for extra cushion and comfort. Therefore, the best shoes for treadmill also need this important feature. A shoe with proper comfort will allow you to move and work happily. There are some special materials which offer the best comfort. They are leather, canvas, suede and sometimes synthetic also. So, pick a made of these materials for better comfort.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques 1. Which shoes are best for treadmill?

Ans: Some of the best shoes for treadmill are: Nike Men’s Air Zoom Winflo 4, Saucony Men’s Kinvara 9 Running Shoe, Mizuno Men’s Wave Sonic Running Shoe, New Balance Men’s 890v6 Running Shoe, Reebok Men’s Floatride Run Running Shoes, Adidas Men’s Adizero Boston 6 M Running Shoe, etc.

Ques 2. Should I wear shoes on a treadmill?

Ans: Actually, it is not mandatory. But to become supportive you should wear a shoe on treadmill. A perfect shoe will help you to protect your feet and legs. If you go barefoot on treadmill, it will sometimes cause some serious injuries. So, become safe and comfortable you should wear a comfortable shoes on treadmill.

Ques 3. Do treadmill shoes last longer?

Ans: Basically, it is a complicated question. Because it depends on many factors. If you wear a durable shoe, it will go for the long term. But if you use it roughly, it won’t last long. Running shoes of treadmill may last for a long time. But all of this matter which shoe you wear and how much pressure create you on your shoe. The more you pressurize, the more it breaks quickly.

Ques 4. How do I prevent blisters when walking on a treadmill?

Ans: Socks with lack of airflow will make blister when you are walking on treadmill. But soft and cushioned layered socks can prevent your blisters on treadmill. It can reduce friction. It also helps to wick away moisture.

Awesome List 10 Best Treadmill Shoes

Conclusion :

Now that you have checked all the benefits of the various pair of best shoes for treadmill. It is time to decide which one is a better fit for your personal needs. Remember that the price isn’t always the best criteria for choosing a well-established pair of shoes that will accompany you on most of your daily activities for a longer period of time.

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