7 Best Shoes For Swing Dancing in 2022

Best Shoes For Swing Dancing

Dancing is such a profession where you have to combine your energy with your art. Here you have to dedicate yourself to give the best level performance. As swing dancers, all of you should be very careful about your footwear. Because the best swing dance shoes offer you the flexibility to perform properly. It also allows you to enjoy your dance.

There are so many reasons to love swing dancing. It is so easy to pick and gives you a lot of fun as well as refreshments. If you are a beginner and looking for the best shoes for swing dancing, you come to the right place.

The right pair of shoes depends on many things. You have to look for a comfortable shoe. The shoe should be very attractive also. It is because you have to achieve the attention of the audience. Here the outlook is very very important. So, we keep in mind this thing when we make our list. Let’s see!

Our Top 5 Picks

7 Best Shoes For Swing Dancing

1 Keds Women’s Champion Chalky Canvas Sneaker

Keds are classic best shoes for swing dancing. They have been used in swing dancing since the 1930’s. So, Keds IWD Champion Chalky Canvas is truly a timeless pair of shoes. This brand tends to have little to no tread. that means you can move in a flexible way. As you wish to move on.

This shoe features a fabric and rubber sole. This offers stability with proper support.  They have come with a rubber sole with less tread. This is meaning you can slide your feet across the floor. And obviously without sticking. So, definitely, it is an amazing feature for any kind of a dancer.

The shaft is measured approximately low-top from an arch. There is a durable rubber outsole. It is designed for added comfort. If you are wearing this shoe, you will feel less sticky depending on the floor you want to dance.

The shoe comes in so many different colors and styles.  You couldn’t possibly find such type of versatile dancing shoe.  But you have to have a look and see which style suits better for you. These are the best swing shoes in my opinion.

They are best for day-to-day swing dance practice. They are super classic as well as comfortable! So, pick these best shoes for west coast swing dancing. They are so cheap. So, there is less concern about your budget.


  • Fabric, rubber sole
  • Come with a rubber sole with less tread
  • Keds Iconic silhouette
  • Durable rubber outsole for added comfort
  • Good for casual or semi-dressy wear


  • Minimal color option
  • Color may fade away

2 Pastry Glam Pie Glitter Dance Sneakers

If you are searching for a canvas pump, the best shoes for west coast swing dancing can a great option for you. This glittery shoe gives you an attractive as well as a different look that you can stand out from the crowd. Pastry Glam Pie Glitter Dance Sneakers are stylish, appealing and comfortable also.

You can sparkle with these glam Pie glitter high top sneakers in your performance. The shimmering panels of this shoe help to brighten up your athletic style. They are available in gold, Silver, Red, navy as well as black color. This dance shoe will keep you to take the attraction of the audience. You are looking fabulous on or off the stage if you wear this amazing shoe.

Not only in look, but these swing dancing shoes also have the proper comfort. But the shoe will need an insole if you are wearing them on a regular basis. Because they aren’t padded. Another thing is, they have minimal support. That’s why it is better to use them for occasional uses.

These shoes will be excellent for the special occasional swing dance performance. You may not find them supportive as a practice pair. Keep in mind about all the things about these shoes. Rule the stage with this shoe!


  • Dance inspired design, great for everyday casual wear inside/out
  • Breathable fabric lining, perforation at toe
  • Flexible, traction rubber outsole
  • Includes two sets of laces
  • Memory foam footbed


  • Sizing may vary
  • May looks bulky

3 Tic-Tac-Toes Women’s Swing

In our list of the best swing dance shoes, Tic-Tac-Toes Women’s Swing is a unique shoe. In our opinion, this shoe is the number one heeled swing dancing shoe which can be bought from online.  This brand has made an excellent pair of stylish, as well as real leather swing dancing shoes.

This shoe features an asymmetrical top strap. This strap has a slide buckle for amazing adjustments. These shoes use real leather. This leather is added for the ball of the dancer’s foot. It also offers flexibility with rubber for the heel. Finally, this combination will give you ultimate traction.

These best shoes for swing dancing provide glide around the dance floor. Therefore, the wearer can rule the floor with her full energy. The suede of this shoe is thicker. It is providing dancers a soft cushioning. The shoe is so durable so that you can use them in the long run.

This dancing shoe comes in 6 different colors. Therefore, you can buy a colorful shoe with amazing dancing support. You can get a pair to match any swing dancing outfit that you want to wear. Lastly, the best part of this shoe is its sizing. They have a perfect size for narrow or wider feet. So, make a hurry to buy these shoes.


  • 100% Leather
  • Leather and Synthetic sole
  • Come in 6 different colors
  • Perfect in sizing
  • Providing dancers with soft cushioning


  • Stiff plastic material in the heel is very sharp
  • Inside of the shoe may not comfortable

4 Jig Foo Women’s Pumps Dance Shoes

The Jig Foo is a brand who are making swing dancing shoe. In their collections, they have elegant and stylish ballroom shoes. Especially for the beginners who are looking to wear heels, this shoe is best for them. These best swing dance shoes are lightweight with amazing support.

They are great for swing dancing as they have synthetic as well as lightweight leather. They have a small Cuban Heel. They have a strap also to give you a perfect fitting. And in dancing, sizing is very much important.

It also features a metal shank embedded from the heel part. There is a quick release buckling thick suede sole. It can give you perfect mobility. And it is designed for wear resistance. An EVA insole is built for comfortable foot feeling.

They are perfect for different ballroom dancing such as Latin, Quickstep, Salsa, Rumba, Swing, Samba, etc. you can show a great performance by wearing this shoe. Because it increases your confidence level.


  • Medium width, Jig Foo Shoes run strictly American Street Size
  • Features a metal shank embedded from the heel part
  • Quick release buckling thick sole for wear resistance
  • EVA insole with comfortable foot feeling.
  • Perfect for ballroom dancing


  • Become dirty easily
  • Sizes run small

5 Jig Foo Men’s Tap Shoes With 1″ Heel

This is our second collection from this brand. This shoe is specially designed for swing dances. These best swing dance shoes are slightly expensive but have the quality of worth the price. They are made with just as impressive quality.  If you’re looking for elegant, responsive dancing shoes with a heel; they are suitable for you.

They have black leather. With a strap, it gives a different look with style. They have a suede as well as the manmade sole. This sole gives you proper comfort and support while you are dancing. You can take the total opportunity in your stage.

Jig Foo Men’s Tap Shoes with 1″ Heel Black are extremely flexible, lightweight as well as comfortable. They are a perfect choice for ballroom dancing such as Latin, swing, etc. They are specially designed for men to swing dancers.

They come in three different colors. They are black, gold and silver. So, you can make a choice. Their quality is excellent. With a low price, you can get such an amazing dancing shoes. The one-inch heel will allow you to dance with proper flexibility.

Most of the customers say that these best shoes for swing dancing quality are excellent. There is no reason asked for return guaranteed.


  • Black Leather, suede and manmade sole
  • Extremely flexible, lightweight and comfortable
  • Perfect for ballroom dancing
  • No reason asked for return guaranteed
  • Excellent quality with low price


  • Little bit expensive
  • Minimal color option

6 Capezio Mary Jane Tap Shoe

One of the best shoes for dancing is Capezio mary jane tap. Dancers are mostly like this shoes for its stylish design and comfort. The Capezio has a durable rubber sole which provides you better movement feel in every step. These shoes have 1-inch heel measures. The insole of these shoes is removable.


  • Durable rubber sole.
  • Approximately 1” Heel measures.
  • Removable clip-on bow at the toe.
  • Shock-absorbing foam insole.


  • Sizing may vary

7 Capezio Women’s N625 Jr. Tyette Tap Shoe

If you are looking for the best shoes for dancing this Capezio will be the choice for you. Capezio n625 jr is attracting looking for shoes. Their foam footbed will help you to keep comfortable all day. The outsole is flexible and the collar has padded with sheepskin. The comfortable toe box gives you perfect support to wearing them in a dancing situation.


  • Sheepskin Collar.
  • Synthetic sole.
  • Tele Tone taps at heel and toe.
  • Comfortable Foam-padded footbed.
  • Brushed micro poly lining.


  • Minimal color option

Awesome List of 7 Best Swing Dance Shoes


Dancing is an art. It is an act of refreshment as well as entertainment. Therefore, if you feel discomfort while you are dancing, all your efforts come to an end. For keeping you more enjoyable and energetic, you should wear the best shoes for swing dancing. It should allow you to move easily and dance properly. You also keep in mind that, the shoe should be appealing as you are an artist and many people have a look at you. Happy dancing!

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