10 Best Shoes for Orange Theory

Best Shoes for Orange Theory

There are multiple times when you need to get the best shoes for orange theory lessons. This is extremely important for you and there is no way you can leave these things to be regulated by pure luck.

Shoes are by far the most significant part of your outfit and can play a crucial role in your performance when practicing exercises according to the orange theory. This has been shown lately to improve your overall stamina and endurance while training.

Your feet are going to thank you after a long-lasting touch with the right kind of shoes that are adequate for orange theory practicing.

What is The Orange Theory Workout?

The orange theory workout is a new concept of performing gymnastics in indoor premises. It consists of a certain type of outfit that is characterized by orange T-shirts and shorts that are common across the trainees.

Then orange theory includes many exercises that are both aerobic and anaerobic. This combination is great for developing your muscles and bones as well as making your ligaments and joints more flexible.

Another characteristic of the orange theory is the extreme power exerted on your legs when training. This is directly related to the type of shoes you are supposed to wear, and you should be really careful about your final choice.

What To Wear To Orange Theory?

Of course, there are many outfits that you can possibly wear in orange theory. However, if you want to be precise with the doctrine of the orange theory then you have to wear comfortable athletic clothes that are orange colored and may give you the energy you need to perform all the exercises program.

The shoes are the most important part of your outer appearance not only because you have to look unanimous to the others but also because you need to be safe. Shoes being adequate for orange theory are robust and durable ones that are also flexible and can provide you with state-of-the-art stability no matter how fast you are moving or how high you are jumping.

Benefits of Wearing Orange Training Shoes

The orange training shoes have no resemblance to the normal ones. These shoes are always more elevated in terms of the outsole so that you have a better vision of your training place as well as your co-trainees.

In addition, the orange training shoes are the most extravagant you have ever seen. They are stylish and usually have many colors apparent giving you a boost in your mood every time you decide to wear them and train.

Finally, this kind of footwear protects your footbed with advanced technologies. Extra cushioning, EVA foamy midsoles and side caps for your heels are always there to keep you safe while training according to the orange theory scheme.

Features of Good Training Shoes

Most of the shoes that are great for training are sharing the same features that include:

  • Excellent breathability with increased waterproof abilities
  • Absorbent insoles that feature extra cushioning in the heel area
  • Foamy midsole especially on the foot curve to take the shape of your feet
  • Greater forefoot space to enhance the toe fingers movability
  • Anti-skid outsole with greater lugs

All these features are giving you the chance to select yourself the pair of shoes that is better to have for the orange theory training. A list of the most competent pair of shoes is following and can give you a sweet headache by the plethora of choices.

Our Top 5 Picks

Best Shoes for Orange Theory

1. Brooks Women’s Ravenna 10

These are the shoes that are considered to be the best shoes for orange theory and have many features to support this statement.

First, they are extremely lightweight and easy to wear for longer periods of time, when training. Their size can be adjusted to fit all women and these shoes are made directly for female users since they have great multiple coloring to excite the senses.

The outsole keeps on being durable and the special rubber alloy is giving you the assurance that your shoes will not wear off anytime soon due to harsh external conditions.

The upper mesh and shaft are elevated for perfect fit and comfort. Not to mention that the lacing system keeps on being effective even when you are training at a higher pace.

2. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19

This is another pair of shoes made especially for male users that depicts exactly what men need when practicing according to the orange theory principles.

This particular series are believed to be one of the best shoes for orange theory fitness and can give you the competitive edge of what is said to be the key to success in orange theory training.

Their insoles are soft enough to take away all pain related to pressure phenomena. On the other side, the shoes are aerodynamically shaped to reduce the energy needed when running or training.

Finally, the outsoles are providing one of a kind anti-skid abilities to make you stand tall even when you are passing from the most adverse terrains. The shoes are there to show you the way to become the orange theory champion.

3. NOBULL Women’s Training Shoes and Styles

A new kid on the block of the orange theory training. This pair is supposed to be one of the best shoes for orange theory and is perfectly colored and shaped to make you the center of attention once more when you are training with your friends.

The outsole keeps on being rigid when passing through uneven terrains so that is can keep your balance intact. Additionally, the same insole gets more flexibility once it is getting wet touching to watery terrains and helping you find your perfect grip.

The tongue is coming to meet the ankle area and exerts slight pressure on your foot arches which is really beneficial when practicing orange theory training.

Finally, the shoes have a secure lacing system to give you the assurance they will stay on you for longer periods of time.

4. Nike Men’s Free Metcon 2 Training Shoes

Another classical pair of shoes that are designed especially for men who wish to participate in orange theory programs. These shoes are said to belong to the list of the best shoes for orange theory and they can adequately protect your legs and keep you safe and sound from injuries induced by the tension of training.

Their insoles are among the softest you can find across the competition. Cushioning is applied to the most sensitive parts of your feet like the heel and the foot curve. The side parts of the shoes are made of quality leather to keep the cold weather out and make the shoes more breathable when it is summer.

Finally, the shoes come in multiple sizes and colors to match any individual need or taste.

5. Brooks Women’s Glycerin 15

One of the best pair of shoes for women that want to thrive in the orange theory training. These shoes are made for female users and have special internal anatomy giving you much comfort when you are wearing them for prolonged periods of time.

These are footwear that can be worn both at training time as well as leisure and can give you the flexibility you are looking for to be pain-free when performing orange theory practice.

The insoles are much softer than any other pair of shoes you may have tried in the past. There is also an internal anti-bacterial layer which can give you more hygiene when it is most needed.

Finally, the shoes are perfectly shaped for women to outperform under any external conditions.

6. Nike Metcon 4 Women’s Running Shoes

These are the shoes that are most wanted by the women audience who is willing to follow a strict orange theory training program. They are said to belong to the best shoes for orange theory and they have special features that make them unique among the last competition of their category.

Their insole is somehow asymmetrical giving you more stability when reaching uneven terrains. This is because the insoles are following the normal anatomy of the footbed that is not flat, nevertheless.

Finally, the shoes are great for indoor training since they have greater lugs on the outsole which can support the increased amount of traction and grip needed when running indoors.

The quality of the shoes is depicted in your outperformance that will eventually come when using such a great pair.

7. Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoe

This is the kind of shoes that are more reliable to be worn when you make the orange theory training. It’s because you boost up your daily mood when wearing them thanks to the innovative colors as well as the shape which gives you more energy to overpass the difficulties.

The outsole is solid and flexible at the same time, while the larger lugs are offering you extreme grip to the slippery terrains so that you can perform training mind free of injuries.

Insole area is more insulated to absorb the shocks coming from the external environment. It keeps your feet tight and healthy taking their shape after a long time of use.

These are the shoes you would always waiting for to start the orange theory training and be always successful.

8. Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0

Another great pair of shoes designed for female users that want to perform and implement the principles of the orange theory to their personal training sessions.

Shoes are softer than before and have a special lacing system that secures the shoes to the right position without suppressing the foot arches.

Insoles are more cushioned especially in the heel and forefoot area where pressure is constantly coming from the ground.

These shoes are made of special synthetic textiles that give you a lightweight profile. It’s important to know that you can always wear them for longer periods of time without getting more fatigue than you can stand.

The orange theory stands for these great shoes that are also aerodynamically shaped to give you more energy to fulfill your promises while training.

9. Adidas Originals Men’s Ultraboost Running Shoe

The famous shoes for training have now entered the world of the orange theory. They are great for male users and have a perfect black color that enables you to wear them at leisure time or during the orange theory training sessions.

Originally made in USA from quality imported parts, it is giving you the reassurance that this pair of shoes will stay a lot longer with you with proper maintenance.

The outsole is made of a special rubber alloy that helps you keep your balance and grip at all times and in all possible terrains.

The forefoot area is roomy and can let the toe fingers move freely. This gives you better stability and a sense of freedom never felt before.

10. Saucony Triumph ISO 5 Men’s

Finally, these are the shoes that made the orange theory training the greatest trend among athletes. This pair of shoes is an innovative design from the best running brand in the world.

It is about the most lightweight shoes of all competitors that you don’t even feel wearing it when practicing orange theory training. Its lightweight profile is anticipated by the greater insole which keeps you stable and running when needed.

Insoles are removable to let you wash them as soon as you want. There is also a smart lacing system to keep the shoes on your feet under any conditions.

You are going to love their innovative colors and you can easily become the center of the attention when wearing them.

List of 10 Best Shoes for Orangetheory Fitness


The orange theory shoes are the most adequate ones to give you enough strength to finish the program. They are solid structures that can give you more energy while training and support your feet so that you don’t have any painful reactions.

Shoes are the best and most important part of your outfit when practicing orange theory training. Investing in them equals investing in yourself.

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